Elroi Windsor

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Elroi J. Windsor, Professor of Sociology at the University of West Georgia, has accepted the position of Executive Officer. We want to thank Dr. Susan M. Carlson, Western Michigan University, for serving as Interim Executive Officer when Dr. Héctor Delgado stepped down from the position in August 2022. The Administrative Office staff will remain the same and the Administrative Office will be administered through the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

Elroi has called SSSP their professional home for 20 years. They have been a loyal and committed member since 2003. Before accepting the position, they were serving as Chair of the Committee on Committees and on the Permanent Organization and Strategic Planning Committee. Previously they served as Chair of the Sexual Behavior, Politics, and Communities Division, as a representative on the Board of Directors, and as a founding member of the Anti-Harassment Committee. Elroi has a demonstrated record of diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts that exemplify their core value of, and commitment to, integrity in professional and personal actions. They aim to help make our shared spaces more welcoming for all.

Elroi spent their formative years working in non-profit organizations and community activist spaces that gave them a deep appreciation for scholar-activism. Elroi has served at two different academic institutions – one a comprehensive regional university, another a women’s liberal arts college.

Elroi worked as a department chair for seven years, extensively collaborating with various institutional stakeholders with divergent agendas. Elroi serves as a Title IX Investigator and Hearing Panelist at their institution. These experiences have provided them with a foundation for approaching and resolving challenging situations.

Elroi commented on their new role saying, “I am really excited to continue serving SSSP as the new Executive Officer. I am eager to work with the SSSP Board, Officers, staff, members, and partners as we move our organization toward new directions that continue to honor our values of social justice research and action. I will be reaching out to you soon with an invitation to share your insights on how I can best serve the Society.”

Please join us in welcoming and congratulating Elroi. They can be reached at  .