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Call for Resolutions Deadline – June 1, 2018

Members who wish to propose resolutions for consideration of the SSSP, should submit them to the SSSP Vice-President at by June 1, 2018.

Resolutions submitted should contain a concise position statement concerning a social problem of urgent concern.  In most cases, the resolution should include some sort of call for viable action on the part of the SSSP.  This typically has involved a letter from the Board directed to some public entity expressing concern, support, or protest.  Feel free, however, to propose other forms of appropriate action.  Also, the appropriate contact information must be submitted along with the resolution.  If the resolution is in support of or in opposition to a piece of legislation, a copy of the legislation or a place where members can access it must be provided. 

Please click on the following link for examples, including the format we would like you to use:

Posted Wednesday, 05/09/2018, 09:41 AM - Category: Annual Meeting Member News