SSSP 2019 Annual Meeting

Date: Saturday, August 10

Time: 12:30 PM - 2:10 PM

Session 096: PAPERS IN THE ROUND: Health, Health Policy, and Health Services
Room: Vanderbilt Suite

Sponsor: Health, Health Policy, and Health Services

Organizers: Meredith R. Bergey, Villanova University
Debora Paterniti, Sonoma State University

Roundtable #1 Title: Health Definition, Access, and Meaning

Presider & Discussant: Meredith R. Bergey, Villanova University


“Medicalization on the Move: Examining the Global Migration of ADHD,” Meredith R. Bergey and Mikaela Uricheck, Villanova University

“Partitioning a Monolith: Examining Health Stratification among Asians in the United States,” Darwin A. Baluran, Vanderbilt University

“Longitudinal Burnout-collaboration Patterns in Japanese Medical Care Workers at Special Needs Schools: A Latent Class Growth Analysis,” Mieko Kanayama, Shikoku University and Yoshikazu Yuma, Hyogo University of Teacher Education

Roundtable #2 Title: Social Determinants of Health

Presider & Discussant: William D. Cabin, Temple University


“Medicare Home Care Ignores the Social Determinants of Health,” William D. Cabin, Temple University

“Health or Harm: State Legislation and Infant Mortality,” Chancey Herbolsheimer and Stephanie Burge, University of Oklahoma

“Role of Socioeconomic Status in the Use of Complementary and Alternative Medicines among US Adults,” Hannah Andrews, University of Arizona

Roundtable #3 Title: Structural Determinants of Health & Well Being

Presider: Tessa M. Nápoles, University of California, San Francisco


“Eviction, Displacement, and Chronic Illness: Examining the Relationship between Forced Mobility and Health in the U.S. Safety-net,” Tessa M. Nápoles, University of California, San Francisco, Nancy J. Burke, University of California, Merced and University of California, San Francisco, Mark D. Fleming, University of California, Berkeley and University of California, San Francisco, Ariana Thompson-Lastad, University of California, San Francisco, Meredith Van Natta, Duke University, Irene H. Yen, University of California, Merced and University of California, San Francisco and Janet K. Shim, University of California, San Francisco

“Innovations in Welfare: Examining the Impact of a Program of Recreational, Health, and Social Supports for Single Parents and Their Children on Welfare in Canada,” Tracy L. Peressini, Renison University College, University of Waterloo

“Structural Determinants of Interactions between Young People and the Criminal Justice System: A Look at Population Distributions and Health Consequences,” Catherine dP Duarte, University of California, Berkeley, Leslie K. Salas-Hernández, Emory University Rollins School of Public Health and Sarah Ferrell, University of California, Berkeley

“System Avoidance or Strategic Engagement?: The Role of Safety Net Healthcare and Legal Resources in Unauthorized Immigrant Residents’ Strategies of Coping with Deportation Threat,” Felicia Arriaga, Appalachian State University and Collin Mueller, Duke University

“Antiracism Workshops as an Intervention to Reduce Health Disparities,” Fernando A. Ospina, Western Michigan University and Eric Hill, Albion College

Roundtable #4 Title: Directions in Mental Health and Wellness

Presider: Ismail Yigit, Mississippi State University


“Does Social Tolerance Matter for Well-being?” Ismail Yigit, Mississippi State University

“Gender Role Ideology, Self-rated Health and Happiness in China Based on CGSS 2013,” Yan Zhang, Michigan State University

“Latino Clients Perception of Spanish Speaking Therapist Cultural Humility and Competency,” Belkys Sanchez, Widener University

“Fear of Aging and the Mental and Physical Well-being of Older Adults in China, Japan, and South Korea,” Anastasia S. Vogt Yuan, Virginia Tech

“Reducing Cancer Patient Fear and Trauma: An Autoethnographic Approach,” Katharine Jones, Jefferson University

Roundtable #5 Title: Territories of Women's Health, Wholeness & Wellness

Presider & Discussant: Emma Milne, Middlesex University


“Are Pregnant Women Human?” Emma Milne, Middlesex University

“Menstrual Taboos and Social Norms in an Urban Center,” Srijana Karki and Tamara L. Mix, Oklahoma State University

“American Indian Women, Pregnancy and Substance Use Treatment Admission: A Secondary Data Analysis,” Donalee Unal, Widener University

“Factors Contributing to Low Adequate Prenatal Care Rates in Orange County, Florida,” Lauren Daniel, University of Central Florida

Roundtable #6 Title: Movements & Methods in Health Conceptualization & Intervention

Presider: Adrienne Hall, San Francisco State University


“Health In/Justice: Biopolitical Ecologies of Space, Health, and Healing in San Francisco,” Laura Mamo, Adrienne Hall and Melissa Hagan, San Francisco State University, Meredith Van Natta, Duke University and Leslie Dubbin, University of California, San Francisco

“Medical, Ethical, and Legal Risks in Forensic Age Assessment Procedures in Current Swedish Asylum Processes Involving Unaccompanied Minors,” Josephine T. V. Greenbrook, University of Gothenburg/University of Edinburgh, Henry Ascher, University of Gothenburg, Sweden and Felicitas Steinhoff, The Medical Humanist, and Salt + Solace, South Africa

“Exploring the Possibilities and Limitations of Body-mapping as a Health Research Methodology,” Lilian Magalhaes, Federal University of Sao Carlos, Brazil, Natalia Rivas-Quarneti, University of A Coruna, Spain and Denise Gastaldo, University of Toronto

“Racial Discrimination and Psychological Distress: Do Ethnic Identity and Social Support Matter among Asian Americans?” Yvonne Chen and Christy Erving, Vanderbilt University

“The Movement for Global Mental Health: A Postcolonial Critique,” Bruce M.Z. Cohen, University of Auckland

Roundtable #7 Title: Considering Drugs, Additiction and Health(care)

Presider & Discussant: Baptiste Brossard, The Australian National University


“Conceptualizing the Emergence and Circulation of ‘New’ Social Problems: The Case of Behavioral Addictions,” Baptiste Brossard, The Australian National University, Melissa Roy and Dahlia Namian, University of Ottawa

“The Doctor’s Office as a Deterrent to Medical Care for People Who Inject Drugs?” Yesenia Aponte-Melendez, The New School, Pedro Mateu-Gelabert and Chunki Fong, National Development and Research Institutes, Inc., Benjamin Eckhardt, New York University School of Medicine, Shashi Kapadia, Weill Cornell Medical and Kristen-Weill Marks, Weill Cornell Medicine

“Harm Reduction and Anticapitalism,” Jacob E. Clary, New York City Democratic Socialists Opioid Overdose Prevention Program

“Locating the Social in Alcohol Research in Sub-Saharan Africa: Issues, Realities, and Prospects,” Tebogo B. Sebeelo, University of Miami

Roundtable #8 Title: Conversations about Health and Health Management

Presider & Discussant: Debora Paterniti, Sonoma State University


“Are We There Yet? Californians and Safe Consumption Sites,” Maryanne Alderson, University of California, Irvine and Dina Perrone, California State University, Long Beach

“Identity Work and Survivor Politics in a Student Organization,” Yael Findler, University of Southern California

“Let’s Talk about PEWP: An Examination of Provider-ostomate Communication over Time,” Leslie A. Miller, University of Oklahoma

“‘A Two Glass of Wine Shift’: Dominant Discourses and the Social Organization of Nurses’ Substance Use,” Charlotte A. Ross, Simon Fraser University, Sonya L. Jakubec, Mount Royal University, Nicole S. Berry, Simon Fraser University and Victoria Smye, Western University