SSSP 2019 Annual Meeting

Date: Friday, August 9

Time: 2:30 PM - 4:10 PM


Session 039: CRITICAL DIALOGUE: Urban Inequality and Access to Food and Other Resources
Room: Promenade Suite

Sponsor: Poverty, Class, and Inequality

Organizer &

Presider: Ferzana D. Havewala, University of Baltimore


“Complicating ‘Food Agency’ and Illuminating the Social in Urban Foodways,” Molly Clark-Barol and Jennifer Gaddis, University of Wisconsin-Madison

“Food Access in the Gentrifying City: Assessing the Impact of Urban Agriculture Projects,” Kelsey Ryan-Simkins, Ohio State University

“The Potential of Social Entrepreneurship in Tackling the Food Injustice in a Neoliberal City,” Yuki Kato, Georgetown University

“‘The Goal Is Always Independence’: Exploring Self-Sufficiency and Community-Building among Refugee Populations,” Brittany Keegan, Virginia Commonwealth University

“Fulfilling Expectations?: Mapping Amazon Warehouses’ Impact on Poverty,” Joseph R. van der Naald, The Graduate Center, CUNY

“African-American Food Growers in a Small Deindustrialized Town: Tracing Collective Survival Strategies,” Finn McLafferty Bell, University of Michigan

“Do Not Disrespect and Mistreat Us: The Poor in Delhi to the Welfare Service Providers,” O Grace Ngullie, Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration, Mussoorie