SSSP 2019 Annual Meeting

Date: Sunday, August 11

Time: 10:30 AM - 12:10 PM

Session 130: Organizational Responses to Poverty at the Local Level
Room: East End Suite

Sponsors: Poverty, Class, and Inequality
Sociology and Social Welfare

Organizer, Presider &

Discussant: William D. Cabin, Temple University


“An Ethnographic and Street-level Perspective on Housing First’s Policy Implementation: Examples from Canada,” Dahlia Namian, University of Ottawa

“Banking on Change: Constructing Financial Meaning in a Colombian Microsavings Program,” Laura B. Doering, University of Toronto and Kristen McNeill, Brown University

“Giving Voice: Examining the Strategic Repertoire of Nonprofit Organizational Advocacy for Marginalized Populations,” Heather MacIndoe and Maria Manuella Pache de Athayde, University of Massachusetts Boston

“Housing First: Defining and Analyzing a New Treatment Paradigm for Homelessness in the United States,” Caitlin A. Carey, University of Massachusetts Boston