SSSP 2019 Annual Meeting

Date: Friday, August 9

Time: 4:30 PM - 6:10 PM

Session 058: Immigrant Youth: The Social Facets of Being (Un)American
Room: Riverside Suite

Sponsor: Program Committee

Organizers: Yvonne M. Luna, Northern Arizona University
Jennifer Kara Wesely, University of North Florida

Presider: Yvonne M. Luna, Northern Arizona University


“‘I Became a Mom Overnight’: How the Deportation of a Parent Affects Immigrant Young Adults’ Educational Experiences and Outcomes,” Carolina Valdivia, Harvard University

“California as the Promise Land: Local Context and Growing up Undocumented in North Carolina,” Alessandra Bazo Vienrich, Davidson College

“Contextualizing Assimilation: Assimilation, Discrimination, and Depression of Children of Immigrants,” Jienian Zhang, University of Wisconsin-Madison

“Interpreting Islam in the Workplace: The Internal and External Expectations Bourne by Muslim Women,” Awish Aslam, University of Western Ontario

“My Goals and Dreams Deserve the Right to be Heard: Applicants’ Expressions about the Value of DACA,” Yvonne M. Luna, Northern Arizona University