SSSP 2019 Annual Meeting

Date: Saturday, August 10

Time: 10:30 AM - 12:10 PM

Session 084: New Perspectives on Activism and Political Participation
Room: York Suite

Sponsor: Program Committee

Organizer, Presider &

Discussant: Marcos Emilio Perez, Washington and Lee University

Description:  Recent years have witnessed both a series of global events challenging established assumptions about mobilization and an increase in the number of scholars developing creative approaches to activism. This session aims to respond to these trends by providing a space to discuss innovative views about political participation. What aspects of people’s involvement in collective action should we reconsider? Which understudied processes explain the diverse trajectories of activists? What can we learn from recent experiences of protest in different countries?


“Allyship through Self-exclusion: How Whiteness Prevents Liberation in the Rainbow Community,” Sylvia Grills, Queen's University

“Restorative Kinship: Mothers of Color Transforming Family Relationships through Local Community Organizing,” Jennifer E. Cossyleon, Johns Hopkins University

“World Society in Action: Mobilizing the International in South Korean LGBT Movement,” Minwoo Jung, University of Southern California