SSSP 2019 Annual Meeting

Date: Saturday, August 10

Time: 2:30 PM - 4:10 PM


Session 103: The Academic Job Market
Room: Broadway Suite

Sponsor: Program Committee

Organizer &

Presider: Héctor L. Delgado, Professor Emeritus, University of La Verne

Description:  This session is designed to provide participants with ideas on how to improve their chances of finding an academic position. Panelists with experience (some of it very recent) looking and hiring for positions will kick off the discussion, but ample opportunity will be given to participants to share their own experiences and ask questions.

The sooner in their graduate careers that individuals begin thinking about going on the market, the better it is, since there are things that they can do in graduate school to improve their prospects. So, this session is for Society members currently looking for a position, but also for anyone who plans to be on the market in the next three-four years -- and for anyone who feels that s/he has useful information to share with others about her/his own experiences.


Adriana Leela Bohm, Delaware County Community College

Kristen M. Budd, Miami University

Héctor L. Delgado, Professor Emeritus, University of La Verne

Elroi J. Windsor, University of West Georgia