SSSP 2019 Annual Meeting

Date: Saturday, August 10

Time: 2:30 PM - 4:10 PM

Session 100: Sanctuary: Here (NYC) and Beyond
Room: Plaza Suite

Sponsor: Law and Society

Organizer, Presider &

Discussant: Felicia Arriaga, Appalachian State University

Description:  The special project will allow for discussion between Donald Anthonyson, the Director of Families for Freedom (FFF) and division members, in order to better understand immigration enforcement, detention, deportation practices and policies. The hope is that division members will then be able to consider how they might take this back to their own communities. Division member(s) are also expected to bring their own experiences in this arena to have an informed discussion about various efforts throughout the country.

Mr. Anthonyson has been a member of Families for Freedom (FFF) since 2004. At FFF, Donald was previously a lead organizer, former Board member, and has led the efforts of the International Deportee Justice Campaign. He also produced for a monthly radio show, the War On Immigrants Report that aired on 99.5 FM WBAI. Donald migrated to the US in 1979 from Antigua and has been involved in various social issues ranging from police brutality (Elenanor Bumphus Justice Committee) and anti-racial responses (NYASA) to immigration.

Founded in September 2002, FFF is a New York-based multi-ethnic human rights organization by and for families facing and fighting deportation. They are immigrant prisoners (detainees), former immigrant prisoners, their loved ones, or individuals at risk of deportation. They come from dozens of countries, across continents. FFF seeks to repeal the laws that are tearing apart our homes and neighborhoods; and to build the power of immigrant communities as communities of color, to provide a guiding voice in the growing movement for immigrant rights as human rights.

FFF has evolved into an organizing center against deportation. They are a source of support, education, and campaigns for directly affected families and communities -- locally and nationally.


Felicia Arriaga, Appalachian State University