The deadline to nominate books for the 2015 C. Wright Mills Award was December 15, 2015.


Nominations are now closed for the 2015 C. Wright Mills Award. The deadline for the 2015 award nominations was December 15, 2015. Check back next Fall for information on how to submit nominations for the 2016 C. Wright Mills Award. 

The C. Wright Mills Award, established in 1964, is made annually and carries with it a stipend of $1,000 for the author(s) of the winning book.  The 2015 award will be presented at the 66th Annual Meeting in Seattle, WA, August 19-21, 2016. Self nominations are acceptable. Edited volumes, textbooks, fiction and self-published works are not eligible. Eligible books must be first edition (not a reprint or later edition) and bear a 2015 copyright date.


C. Wright Mills wrote in The Power Elite that: “Only when mind has an autonomous basis, independent of power, but powerfully related to it, can mind exert its force in the shaping of human affairs. This is democratically possible only when there exists a free and knowledgeable public, to which [people] of knowledge may address themselves, and to which [people] of power are truly responsible.” Consistent with Mills’ dedication to a search for a sophisticated understanding of the individual and society, the award will be given for that book with a 2015 copyright date that most effectively:

1) critically addresses an issue of contemporary public importance,

2) brings to the topic a fresh, imaginative perspective,

3) advances social scientific understanding of the topic,

4) displays a theoretically informed view and empirical orientation,

5) evinces quality in style of writing,

6) explicitly or implicitly contains implications for courses of action


Review the list of the past winners of the C. Wright Mills Award.

The Society for the Study of Social Problems established the C. Wright Mills Award in 1964. The C. Wright Mills Award is one of the most prestigious awards given in the area of social science research. We encourage you to nominate appropriate publications. Please note that eligible books must bear a copyright date that corresponds to the award year (i.e. to be considered for the 2015 award, a book must bear a 2015 copyright date).

Please address all questions to:

Dr. Victor Rios, Chair
C. Wright Mills Award Committee

For further information, contact:

Michele Koontz, Administrative Officer & Meeting Manager 
Work: (865) 689-1531; E-mail: