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The Role of Sociology

A recent New York Times article by Neil Irwin asks the question, " What if sociologist had as much influence as ecnomist?". Irwin addresses the complexity of contending with social problems and discusses Evicted, a book authored by Matthew Desmond, a SSSP member. For a pdf of the article click here. To link directly to the article please click here


March for Science - Drug Policy Contingent

The Drug Policy Alliance's Office of Academic Engagement (OAE) is excited to be organizing a contingent for the national March for Science. The March will take place on April 22, 2017 at 11 AM in Washington DC. We are convening researchers, academics, advocates and people with lived experience to stand alongside us as we make the case for evidence based drug policy, treatment, and harm reduction programs. I hope you can share this information with CDUHR and colleagues at your institutions. 

We will be offering free round trip transportation to the event between NYC and DC, but space is limited. The bus will leave from midtown promptly at 6:00 AM and return that evening around 9:30-10:00 PM. You can reserve a spot here.

If you’d like to meet us in DC, we will be gathering at 1620 I St NW #925, Washington, DC 20006 at 11 AM and making our way to the March. A flyer with more information is available here , and you can keep up to date on event logistics at our Facebook Page. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to .

We believe that evidence based drug policy and research is needed more now than ever. For decades our drug policies have been driven by ideology, stigma, racism, fear and politics with too little reliance on research about what is effective. With the election of Donald Trump and his Administration’s disavowal of science and facts, we are concerned that the divide between evidence and policy will only grow deeper. We hope you’ll join us to make the case that our drug policy and programs need to be driven by evidence about what works.

We hope to see you on April 22nd!

Krip-Hop Nation

Krip-Hop Nation was founded by Leroy F. Moore Jr., It's mission is to educate the music, media industries and general public about the talents, history, rights and marketability of Hip-Hop artists and other musicians with disabilities. Krip-Hop Nation’s main objective is to get the musical talents of hip-hop artists with disabilities into the hands of media outlets, educators, and hip-hop, disabled and race scholars, youth, journalists and hip-hop conference coordinators.

Krip-Hop Nation is coming to NYC in early April to share perspectives about Black disabled history, Hip Hop and disability and to discuss some exciting projects like their 2015 documentary, Where Is Hope: The Art of Murder with filmmaker, Emmitt Thrower, about police brutality against people with disabilities.

If you would like to bring Krip-Hop Nation to your college campus please contact Leroy directly at .

For more information about Krip-Hop Nation visit their website.