Institutional Ethnography (limit 50)

Monday, August 14, 10:00am–4:00pm, Location: Montreal Bonaventure Hotel, Room: Mont-Royal
Registration Fee: $75 for employed registrants or $50 for unemployed/activist/student registrants

The Institutional Ethnography Division is hosting an interactive workshop for researchers who use or are interested in institutional ethnography – the method of inquiry developed by Dorothy E. Smith. The workshop features a keynote presentation by Dorothy Smith as well as opportunities for large and small-group discussion and learning. The workshop will provide people with opportunities to engage directly with institutional ethnographies in the proposal, analysis, and final writing stages. The small group-work will allow seasoned and novice institutional ethnographers to read and discuss various writing projects in a seminar-style format. People who are interested in sharing and receiving feedback on a research proposal, article manuscript, conference paper, or other piece of writing during the small-group discussions should submit these documents to Lauren Eastwood and Naomi Nichols by July 1, 2017. These submissions will be the focus of the small-group work. Workshop fee includes morning coffee.

Qualitative Research Practice (limit 50):

Monday, August 14, 9:00am–4:00pm, Location: Montreal Bonaventure Hotel, Room: Verdun
Registration Fee: $50 for employed registrants or $25 for unemployed/activist/student registrants

This one day workshop will be separated into two sections: Section I will focus on epistemological and methodological foundations of qualitative research; Section II will center on practical issues associated with the most common methods used by qualitative researchers.

Section I (Morning): 1. Introduction: The Epistemological Base of Qualitative Research (Sara L. Crawley and Donileen R. Loseke); 2. Varieties of Qualitative Methodologies (James A. Holstein and Jaber F. Gubrium); 3. Foundations of Grounded Theory (Kathy C. Charmaz)

Section II (Afternoon): 1. Working with Interview Data (Amir B. Marvasti); 2. Narrative Methodologies (Donileen R. Loseke); Ethnography (Maggie Kusenbach)

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