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March 16, 2017

Meeting Mentor Program

Call for Mentors/Mentees! The SSSP Meeting Mentor Program is designed to facilitate interaction between new members or graduate students and meeting veterans at the Annual Meeting.  Mentors provide valuable knowledge about the SSSP and Annual Meeting activities as well as insight into their own experiences as scholar activists.  To serve as a mentor or to be matched with a mentee, visit:

03/16/2017, 01:43 PM


March 14, 2017

Travel Awards Deadline

Tomorrow is the final day to apply for travel awards. Learn more and submit your online application at

03/14/2017, 11:36 AM


March 09, 2017

Nominations for the Doris Wilkinson Faculty Leadership Award

The Doris Wilkinson Faculty Leadership Award recognizes an outstanding faculty member who has exercised an extensive leadership role within the SSSP and other professional societies and within the larger community (deadline 4/15).  For more information, visit:

03/09/2017, 01:38 PM


March 07, 2017

SSSP Departmental Membership Opportunity

We encourage your department to become a Departmental Member of the Society for the Study of Social Problems.  Departments who choose to do this receive the journal Social Problems and share one vote in business matters of the Society.  We hope your department will consider becoming a SSSP Departmental Member today.  To join, click here:


03/07/2017, 12:06 PM


March 02, 2017

Nominations for the Thomas C. Hood Social Action Award and the Beth B. Hess Memorial Scholarship

The Thomas C. Hood Social Action Award is awarded to a not-for-profit organization in the city/area hosting the annual meeting (deadline 4/1). To nominate a deserving group in Montreal, visit:

The Beth B. Hess Memorial Scholarship is awarded to an advanced sociology Ph.D. student who began her or his study in a community college or technical school (deadline 4/1).  For more information, visit:


03/02/2017, 10:54 AM


February 28, 2017

Dr. Eric Anthony Grollman joins “The Authors’ Attic”" to talk about his article

Hear about Social Problems’ latest research from the authors themselves. Dr. Eric Anthony Grollman joins “The Authors’ Attic”" to talk about his article: “Sexual Health and Multiple Forms of Discrimination Among Heterosexual Youth.” 

02/28/2017, 12:45 PM


February 23, 2017

Make your Hotel Reservation for the Annual Meeting

This year’s Annual Meeting will be held at Montreal Bonaventure Hotel.  Please consider securing a room in the SSSP room block at our discounted room rate of $189 (CAD) plus tax, per night.  Staying in the conference hotel will be very convenient for you.  To learn more visit:

02/23/2017, 12:00 PM


February 21, 2017

Register for the Annual Meeting

Registration is open for the 2017 Annual Meeting.  In addition to all of the exciting sessions, panel discussions, and events, we are pleased to offer optional One-Day Workshops for our attendees.  Current members of SSSP can register at the lowest rates.  Follow this link to register: 
To learn more about the One-Day Workshops visit: 

02/21/2017, 01:14 PM