Why Join the SSSP?

SSSP is the interdisciplinary home for nearly 2,000 scholars, activists, practitioners, and students dedicated to promoting greater social justice through social research. Members share and support research in pursuit of social justice, outreach to policy makers on social research implications for social change, and support the work of community organizations fighting for a better world. Membership comes with the opportunity to pursue an elected office, a division chair position, or become part of a committee where leadership in divisional activities is possible and encouraged. Additional membership benefits include access to job postings, participation in the annual meeting mentorship program, and connections to student and professional networks.

First time professional membership is only $50. Students receive full membership privileges for $33 annually. All new members are invited to attend the New Member Breakfast hosted by long-term members at the SSSP Annual Meeting in August. Consider joining today to become a partner in the pursuit of social justice through social research.

Professional Member Benefits

  • Get up-to-date information on current events, calls for papers, conferences, awards, and public policy development through the Society's website and Divisional newsletters
  • Join the SSSP listserv to share information and resources with like-minded colleagues
  • Network in Divisions with others who have similar research and action interests
  • Participate in the Annual Meeting, collaborating with scholars from around the world in sharing research and planning programs
  • Receive Social Problems, one of the most respected and widely read professional journals in the social sciences

Student Member Benefits

  • Annual Meeting Session Organizer, Presider, Discussant, and/or Presenter
  • Awards/Fellowship/Scholarship
  • Board of Directors Student Representative
  • Career and Fellowship Listings
  • Division Chairperson or Newsletter Editor
  • Graduate Student Listserv
  • Membership and Outreach Committee Student Representative
  • Mentorship Program
  • SSSP Committees
  • Student Paper Competitions

"My love and appreciation for SSSP started as a graduate student. Back in the early 1990s, I was testing the waters of academia, trying to understand how it worked and if I belonged. I was full of energy and armed with a desire to fight injustice. SSSP not only welcomed me, but also gave me a push forward. From the start, the organization awarded me a scholarship that helped me complete the dissertation, publish a book, and ultimately get my first job. I am deeply grateful for that push. Since then, SSSP members have continued their support. And now, as a more senior scholar, I am part of a broad network that supports emerging activist scholars. SSSP is an intellectual refuge, built over decades, to sustain activist scholars engaged in praxis."

- Luis A. Fernandez, Northern Arizona University