Why Join the SSSP?

SSSP is the interdisciplinary home for nearly 2,000 scholars, activists, practitioners, and students dedicated to promoting greater social justice through social research. Members share and support research in pursuit of social justice, outreach to policy makers on social research implications for social change, and support the work of community organizations fighting for a better world. Membership comes with the opportunity to pursue an elected office, a division chair position, or become part of a committee where leadership in divisional activities is possible and encouraged.

Student membership in SSSP is only $30. All new members are invited to attend the New Member Breakfast hosted by long-term members at the SSSP Annual Meeting in August. Consider joining today to get access to benefits and opportunities for professional growth, including:

Graduate Student Listserv

Receive timely messages about other ways to get involved, including SSSP campaigns and opportunities from Division Chairs

Awards and Scholarships

Leadership Opportunities

Professional Development

"SSSP was far more welcoming, and easier to negotiate as a student, as a feminist, and as someone who spent the first eight years of my career in non-tenure track positions. Here were people who thought that sociologists should not only observe society or attempt to predict what would happen next, but who cared about working toward change."

- Wendy Simonds, Georgia State University, SSSP Sustaining Member