Rose Brewer
Dr. Rose M. Brewer
University of Minnesota
SSSP President (2024-2025)


75th Annual Meeting
August 8-10, 2025
Chicago, IL

Insurgent Sociology in a Time of Crises

As we commemorate our 75th anniversary as a Society, I center Insurgent Sociology as a deep pillar of our history and current practice. Indeed, we must draw from the best of our praxis given the transformational work that the period demands. Our founding principles are to be renewed and made anew as we contend with ethical, scholarly and emancipatory practices in our teaching, analyses, and engagement. We face multiple crises in these times: global capitalism, war, militarism, climate crisis, assault on critical studies and more. In counter hegemony, lifting up solidarity with communities in struggle, visioning, and worldmaking are critical. As we face challenges and possibilities in the 75th year of SSSP, our insurgent history, theory, research and practice are foundational to the program focus and the road ahead. Indeed, I look forward to a robust 2025 Conference in Chicago.

Dr. Rose M. Brewer, SSSP President
University of Minnesota

Program Committee

Assata Zerai, Chair, University of New Mexico
Melanie E.L. Bush, Adelphi University
Walda Katz-Fishman, League of Revolutionaries for a New America and Howard University
Rahsaan H. Mahadeo, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities