We are pleased to share the latest impact metrics for Social Problems. The journal was recently awarded a CiteScore™ (Scopus) of 6.9, and a new Impact Factor of 3.2 (Journal Citation Reports™), placing the journal in the 95th percentile of its research category according to CiteScore and 81st percentile of its research category according to Impact Factor. Librarians, researchers, and tenure committees consider such metrics among the factors that determine a journal's benefit and reputation within the scholarly community.

We know that authors want to share their research with a respected audience and that readers want to stay ahead of the curve by keeping up with latest publications in the field. Social Problems delivers to both communities through its commitments to publishing the latest cutting-edge research and reaching the widest possible audience.

These newly release metrics are just a small representation of the measures that can be used to evaluate journal performance. While these metrics are signs of the journal's overall discoverability, significance in the field, and timeliness of content, the journal’s quality is built into its editorial team, peer reviewers and review process, its history, and its asocial with the SSSP community. 

We invited you to explore the latest research in the journal and to submit your article for publication.