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Who We Are

We are an interdisciplinary community of scholars, practitioners, advocates, and students interested in the application of critical, scientific, and humanistic perspectives to the study of vital social problems. 

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SSSP Anti-Harassment Policy

If you are a member of the SSSP, or considering membership, please read this policy carefully. We want to assure members that we will do what we can to provide them with a safe environment in which they will be free to pursue their intellectual interests and engage other members in spirited, stimulating, and productive intellectual exchanges.

Click here to view the SSSP Statement and Policy against Discrimination and Harassment.

Click here if you would like to make an ANONYMOUS report regarding behavior that violates the anti-harassment policy. See the policy to make a formal report and additional reporting options.

What Our Members Say

Heather Dalmage

"My earliest memory of SSSP is as a graduate student. It was an inviting and exciting place to be. It was a place where ideas based on scholarship were at the center of all discussions but most striking was that all the conversations included how to use our findings to make the world better. To this awe-struck graduate student, it was the most exciting thing ever – research findings were going to make the world more just and fairer.  

Fast forward to 2021, after a stint working on Chicago’s west side, North Lawndale to be exact, 20 years as a faculty member, and now as Director of Research for The Latino Policy Forum in Chicago, I find myself not only using research to influence policy, but I am also honored to be the President of the organization that first showed me that research, activism, and change could and should be conjoined."

Noreen M. Sugrue, SSSP President 2021-2022
The Latino Policy Forum and The Council of International Neonatal Nurses

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SSSP Sociologists in the Public Square

SSSP’s mission includes advancing sociological research while also promoting the contributions and uses of sociology in society. This site will showcase members' non-peer reviewed writings, legislative testimony, media appearances, podcasts, op-eds, letters to the editor, and blog writings in local, state, national, and international arenas.

Allow us to highlight and celebrate your recent achievements in the public square. Please email the relevant information, including links, to the GRA & Webmaster at ssspgra@utk.edu.

*Works will remain posted for 3 months.

Kristen M. Budd and David M. Bierie. (2020, November 30). The Utility of Sex Offender Registration for Stranger-Perpetrated Sex Crimes. Office of Sex Offender Sentencing, Monitoring, Apprehending, Registering, and Tracking (SMART)
Posted: 5/13/2022

Clare Cannon has written a blog associated with the  UC Davis Public Scholarship & Engagement. Click here to view the blog. "This blog is republished with permission from UC Davis Public Scholarship & Engagement."
Posted: 5/13/2022

Gina Longo has published an op-ed in the the Richmond-Times DispatchClick here to read it.
Posted: 5/13/2022

Kim Martinez Phillips was interviewed by Christine Erickson from New Legacy Radio about their research on single, never-married, childfree women and my paper on single women in film “Centering Single, Childfree Women of Color & Single Women in Film.” You can listen to the interview by clicking the following link: 
Posted: 5/13/2022

Kathryn M. Nowotny published the following op-ed with Senator Warren:
Posted: 5/11/2022

Raul Perez recently published an article in the Washington Post which is related to their new book coming out this summer. Click here to access the article.
Posted: 5/13/2022

Gregory Squires has been appointed as a regular columnist for Social Policy, a quarterly magazine focused on organizing for social and economic justice. Their column is entitled "The Community Development Corner." Click here to read their first column.
Posted: 5/13/2022

As team members of the Project for Sanitation Justice, SSSP members Megan Welsh Carroll and Adriana Rios, alongside Madison Swayne and Rebekah O’Donnellrecently released a report assessing the availability of public restrooms in San Diego County. The report paints a picture of the need for more public restrooms in San Diego, as both a means of supporting public health for the various groups that utilize them – from tourists to commuters to families with small children to persons experiencing homelessness – and offsetting direct and indirect costs to our public systems including environmental services, transportation, and public safety that must react to preventable problems caused by a lack of public restroom access. For instance, the research team discovered that 49% of San Diego census tracts have zero public restrooms: tracts that are home to 1,457,384 people. For those interested, the team has additionally made their dataset available for viewing. The Project for Sanitation Justice is a partnership among San Diego State University faculty and students, and Think Dignity, a San Diego-based organization working to advance basic dignity for people experiencing homelessness through advocacy and innovation. Members of our research team will be at SSSP in August and look forward to continuing the conversation there! 
Posted: 5/16/2022

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