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Who We Are

We are an interdisciplinary community of scholars, practitioners, advocates, and students interested in the application of critical, scientific, and humanistic perspectives to the study of vital social problems. 

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SSSP: Introducing the New Executive Officer-Dr. Elroi J. Windsor

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Elroi J. Windsor, Professor of Sociology at the University of West Georgia, has accepted the position of Executive Officer. We want to thank Dr. Susan M. Carlson, Western Michigan University, for serving as Interim Executive Officer when Dr. Héctor Delgado stepped down from the position in August 2022. The Administrative Office staff will remain the same and the Administrative Office will be administered through the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

Elroi has called SSSP their professional home for 20 years. They have been a loyal and committed member since 2003. Before accepting the position, they were serving as Chair of the Committee on Committees and on the Permanent Organization and Strategic Planning Committee. Previously they served as Chair of the Sexual Behavior, Politics, and Communities Division, as a representative on the Board of Directors, and as a founding member of the Anti-Harassment Committee. Elroi has a demonstrated record of diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts that exemplify their core value of, and commitment to, integrity in professional and personal actions. They aim to help make our shared spaces more welcoming for all.

Elroi spent their formative years working in non-profit organizations and community activist spaces that gave them a deep appreciation for scholar-activism. Elroi has served at two different academic institutions – one a comprehensive regional university, another a women’s liberal arts college.

Elroi worked as a department chair for seven years, extensively collaborating with various institutional stakeholders with divergent agendas. Elroi serves as a Title IX Investigator and Hearing Panelist at their institution. These experiences have provided them with a foundation for approaching and resolving challenging situations.

Elroi commented on their new role saying, “I am really excited to continue serving SSSP as the new Executive Officer. I am eager to work with the SSSP Board, Officers, staff, members, and partners as we move our organization toward new directions that continue to honor our values of social justice research and action. I will be reaching out to you soon with an invitation to share your insights on how I can best serve the Society.”

Please join us in welcoming and congratulating Elroi. They can be reached at ewindsor@westga.edu.

Editorial Search for the Next Social Problems Editor is Progressing

The deadline for applications for the Social Problems Editorship has passed (deadline 1/15/23). The Editorial and Publications Committee is currently reviewing the applications.

The Editorial and Publications Committee of the Society for the Study of Social Problems is soliciting applications for the position of Editor of the Society’s flagship journal, Social Problems.

The Editor’s three-year term will begin with the operation of the new editorial office at mid-year 2024. The new editor will be responsible for editing and promoting Volumes 72-74 (years 2025-2027). An editor may be reappointed to a second and final term not to exceed three years with the recommendation of the Editorial and Publications Committee and approval of the Board of Directors. Applicants must be members of the SSSP by the time of their application and throughout their tenure as editor.

The Editor is responsible for managing the peer review process for approximately 400-500 submitted manuscripts per year, and preparing four issues of the journal (approximately 800 printed pages) annually. The journal’s Production/Copy Editor service is provided by our publisher, Oxford University Press (OUP). OUP will provide as well the services of one of its Managing Editors, unless the new editor chooses to use their own Managing Editor. The editor will also work with relevant individuals and committees to promote the journal.

The committee seeks a diverse pool of editorial candidates with strong scholarly records, previous editorial experience (e.g., service as journal editor or associate editor, editor of scholarly editions, etc.), and strong organizational and management skills.A familiarity with and commitment to Social Problems and the SSSP are required.

The SSSP supports the operation of the editorial office with an annual budget and provides a stipend and travel expenses for the Editor. While the Society encourages applicants to secure additional support from their respective institutions, the amount and nature of that support will not be a decisive factor in the selection of the new editor. The final decision will be based principally on the strength of the complete application. Support from the host institution may include office space, utilities, the use of computers and other office equipment, tuition waivers for office personnel (if appropriate), and faculty release time. Each year the Editor will submit a budget to SSSP to cover operating expenses that the host institution does not support.

Individuals interested in applying for the editorship should submit a letter of interest, curriculum vitae, a proposed budget for the operation of the Editorial Office, and a letter of support from their Department Chair, corresponding Dean of the prospective host institution, or appropriate official with budgetary authority. Guidance in the preparation of applications is available from the Editorial and Publications Committee as well as the current Social Problems Editor, the Executive Officer, and the Administrative Officer, if necessary.

Please direct all questions, inquiries, nominations, expressions of interest, and application materials to: Dr. Yvonne Braun, Chair, SSSP Editorial and Publications Committee, Work: 541-346-5752, E-mail: ybraun@uoregon.edu.

For more information on the position, please see Section V. and Section VIII. B. 2. A. of the SSSP Operations Manual.

Deadline for Applications is January 15, 2023

SSSP Anti-Harassment Policy

If you are a member of the SSSP, or considering membership, please read this policy carefully. We want to assure members that we will do what we can to provide them with a safe environment in which they will be free to pursue their intellectual interests and engage other members in spirited, stimulating, and productive intellectual exchanges.

Click here to view the SSSP Statement and Policy against Discrimination and Harassment.

Click here if you would like to make an ANONYMOUS report regarding behavior that violates the anti-harassment policy. See the policy to make a formal report and additional reporting options.

2022 SSSP Approved Resolution

SSSP resolutions constitute an important opportunity for our scholar-activist membership to analyze and offer their opinions on contemporary social problems that we believe the Society should address as a social justice organization. All SSSP members were invited to review the proposed 2022 resolution and participate in the resolutions process.

Click here to view the 2022 Approved Resolution.

What Our Members Say

Heather Dalmage

"I won't lie. I own a LOT of shoes. It may have to do with not having a lot of shoes when I was growing up. SSSP is like a comfortable pair of shoes that go with everything you wear! I know when I attend the meetings that I will find old friends and make new ones. I enjoy the support of my colleagues which makes SSSP an organization that gives my conference experience meaning.

SSSP is a place where I feel I can serve on a variety of committees and have run for elected office because it means working with like-minded folks who are doing their part to give back to an organization that has given us so much. I feel comfortable in SSSP which is why I continue to renew my membership each year and why I attend the meetings!"

Dr. Shirley A. Jackson, SSSP President 2022-2023 
Portland State University

Read more member experiences with SSSP...

SSSP Sociologists in the Public Square

SSSP’s mission includes advancing sociological research while also promoting the contributions and uses of sociology in society. This site will showcase members' non-peer reviewed writings, legislative testimony, media appearances, podcasts, op-eds, letters to the editor, and blog writings in local, state, national, and international arenas.

Allow us to highlight and celebrate your recent achievements in the public square. Please email the relevant information, including links, to the GRA & Webmaster at ssspgra@utk.edu.

*Works will remain posted for 3 months.

Sofya Aptekar was interviewed about her new book, Green Card Soldier: Between Model Immigrant and Security Threat, by the Huffington Post.
Posted: 05/14/2023
Sofya Aptekar organized an event with anti-war organizers and veteran activists to discuss the implications of her research for counter recruitment work. This event took place on May 11, and was cosponsored by Brooklyn For Peace and Scholar Strategy Network NY Chapter. View the video is here
Posted: 05/14/2023
Kristen Budd was interviewed by Black Agenda Radio. Listen to the audio version of the interview here.
Posted: 05/09/2023
Kristen Budd was featured in a media interview, Restoring voting rights for people with felony convictions can improve public safety, report finds
Posted: 05/09/2023
Kristen Budd was featured in the New Brunswick News
Posted: 05/09/2023
Megan Welsh Carroll recently published an op ed with the LA Times.
Posted: 05/10/2023
Irina Chukhray, a PhD candidate in Sociology at University of California, Davis, gave the Keynote Address at the San Diego State University graduation ceremony.
Posted: 05/11/2023
Kat Fuller recently published a blog post entitlted, The Far-Right’s Dangerous Influence on Healthcare and How it Affects the Transgender Community on the Canadian Institute for Far-Right Studies website.
Posted: 05/10/2023
Cherelle L. Parker, Gregory D. Squires, and Ira Goldstein recently published an op ed in the Philadelphia Inquirer.
Posted: 05/10/2023
Faryal Razzaq was selected to serve as chapter member of the ' Community Resilience Research Network' by Pakistan's Think Tank Sustainable Development Policy Institute powered by Creative Learning, USA.
Posted: 05/11/2023
Faryal Razzaq was selected to receive a fellowship by the British Council, Going Global's Researchers Connect.
Posted: 05/11/2023
Gregory D. Squires and Ira Goldstein recently published an op ed in the New York Daily News.
Posted: 05/10/2023
Noreen M. Sugrue published an article, "The Republican Debt Ceiling Proposal Saves the Economy on the Backs of Latinas" in The Edge.
Posted: 05/14/2023
Noreen M. Sugrue published an article, "Capturing the Latino Vote" in The Edge.
Posted: 05/05/2023
Noreen M. Sugrue published a commentary for The Edge Media titled Women’s History Month: Latina Invisibility
Posted: 03/29/2023
Noreen M. Sugrue published a commentary for The Edge Media titled Jobs Drop Latino Life Expectancy
Posted: 03/17/2023

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