Division Elections

There are twenty-three subgroups organized around specific topics, interests, or subdisciplines, called Divisions. Below is a list of the elections for the Divisions, including current elections and winners from recent elections.  

Current Division Elections

Current Sociology and Social Welfare members may vote for the position of Division Chair for the 2024-2026 term today through Wednesday, December 20. Please click here to cast your vote. 

Recent Division Election Winners

Congratulations to the newly elected division officers!

Community Research and Development Division Chair 2023-2025

  Teresa Irene Gonzales

Conflict, Social Action, and Change Division Chair 2023-2025

  C. Michael Awsumb

Crime and Juvenile Delinquency Division Chair-Elect 2023-2025, Division Chair, 2025-2027

  Rafia Javaid Mallick

Crime and Juvenile Delinquency Division Associate Chair, 2023-2025

  Miltonette Olivia Craig 

Critical Race and Ethnic Study Co-Chair, 2023-2025

  Amani M. Awwad

Disability Division Co-Chair, 2023-2025

  Ben R. Sher

Educational Problems Division Chair, 2023-2025

  Kyla Walters

Family Division Co-Chair, 2023-2025

  Tia M. Dickerson

Gender Division Chair, 2023-2025

  Pallavi Banerjee

Gender Division Vice Chair, 2023-2025

  Meghna Bhat

Global Division Chair, 2023-2025

  Caitlin H. Schroering

Health, Health Policy, and Health Services Division Co-Chair, 2023-2025

  Virginia Kuulei Berndt

Instituitional Ethnography Division Chair, 2023-2025

   Katherine E. Koralesky

Labor Studies Division Chair, 2023-2025

  Emily Yen

Labor Studies Division Vice-Chair, 2023-2025

  Tracy Vargas

Law and Society Division Chair-Elect 2023-2024; Division Chair, 2024-2026

  Michael Branch

Law and Society Division Vice Chair, 2023-2025

  Jacinta Gau

Poverty, Class, and Inequality Division Chair, 2023-2025

  Sara Maani

Society and Mental Health Division Chair, 2023-2025

  Douglas J. Engelman

Sociology and Social Welfare Division Co-Chair, 2023-2025

  Tracy Peressini 

Sport, Leisure, and the Body Division Chair, 2023-2025

  Michael O. Johnston

Teaching Social Problems Division Chair, 2023-2025

  Morena Tartari

Youth, Aging, and the Life Course Division Co-Chair 2023-2025

  Brittney Miles