Division Elections

Below is a list of the elections for the Divisions, including current elections and winners from recent elections.  

Current Division Elections 

There are currently no division elections at this time. 

Recent Division Election Winners

Congratulations to the newly elected division officers!


Disability Division Co-Chair , 2018-2020

  Justine Egner

Drinking and Drugs Division Chair, 2018-2020

  Jason Ford

Environment and Technology Division Chair, 2018-2020

  Nels Paulson

Family Division Chair, 2018-2020

  Kristin J. Wilson 

Health, Health Policy, and Health Services Co-Chair, 2018-2020

  Meredith R. Bergey

Law and Society Chair, 2018-2020

  Felicia Arriaga

Racial and Ethnic Minorities Division Co-Chair, 2018-2020

  Orly Clerge

Sexual Behavior, Politics, and Communities Division Chair, 2018-2020

  J. Todd Ormsbee

Social Problems Theory Division Chair, 2018-2020

  Arthur McLuhan

Youth, Aging, and the Life Course Division Chair, 2018-2020

  Perri S. Leviss