Division Elections

Below is a list of the elections for the Divisions, including current elections and winners from recent elections.  

Current Division Elections 

There are no division elections scheduled at this time.

Recent Division Election Winners

Congratulations to the newly elected division officers!

Community Research and Development Division Chair, 2017-2019 
Meghan Ashlin Rich

Conflict, Social Action, and Change Division Chair, 2017-2019 
Amani M. Awwad

Crime and Juvenile Delinquency Division Chair-Elect, 2017-2019 and Chair, 2019-2021
   Matthew M. Le Claire

Crime and Juvenile Delinquency Division Associate Chair, 2017-2019 
   Terrence Tyrone Allen

Disability Division Co-Chair, 2017-2019 
   Scott Landes

Educational Problems Division Chair, 2017-2019
   A. Fiona Pearson

Global Division Chair, 2017-2019
 Beth Williford 

Health, Health Policy, and Health Services Division Co-Chair, 2017-2019
Debora Paterniti

Institutional Ethnography Division Chair, 2017-2019
   Nicola Waters

Labor Studies Division Chair, 2017-2019
  Gillian Niebrugge-Brantley

Law and Society Division Vice-Chair, 2017-2019 
Katherine A. Durante

Poverty, Class, and Inequality Division Chair, 2017-2019
Ranita Ray

Racial and Ethnic Minorities Division Co-Chair, 2017-2019
   Saher Selod

Society and Mental Health Division Chair, 2017-2019
   Fernando I. Rivera

Sociology and Social Welfare Division Chair, 2017-2019
 William Cabin

Sport, Leisure, and the Body Division Chair, 2017-2019
   Giovanna Follo