Division Elections

There are twenty-three subgroups organized around specific topics, interests, or subdisciplines, called Divisions. Below is a list of the elections for the Divisions, including current elections and winners from recent elections.  

Current Division Elections

There are currently no elections being held at this time.

Recent Division Election Winners

Congratulations to the newly elected division officers!

Disability Division Co-Chair, 2020-2022

  Loren Wilbers

Drinking and Drugs Division Chair, 2020-2022

  Kathryn M. Nowotny

Environment and Technology Division Chair, 2020-2022

  Clare Cannon

Family Division Co-Chair, 2020-2022

  Emmie Cochran-Jackson

Family Division Co-Chair, 2021-2023

  Amanda Catherine Ferraro

Health, Health Policy, and Health Services Division Co-Chair, 2020-2022

  William D. Cabin

Law and Society Division Chair, 2020-2022

  Amani Awwad

Racial and Ethnic Minorities Division Co-Chair, 2020-2022

  Felicia Arriaga

Sexual Behavior, Politics, and Communities Division Chair, 2020-2022

  Dawn M. Baunach

Sexual Behavior, Politics, and Communities Division Associate Chair, 2020-2022

  Janelle Pham

Social Problems Theory Division Chair, 2020-2022

  Paul Joosse