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The Society is experiencing substantial membership growth at a consistent rate. We rent our entire membership list in a Microsoft excel worksheet or comma delimited ASCII file (.csv format) for $300. Division lists are also available for $75 per division. The membership list contains current SSSP members willing to have their contact information shared with other related professional organizations or publications. We do not rent e-mail addresses. 

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# of Members           Division

131                           Community Research and Development

148                           Crime and Juvenile Delinquency

  81                           Drinking and Drugs

318                           Racial and Ethnic Minorities

170                           Conflict, Social Action, and Change

  77                           Family

234                           Poverty, Class, and Inequality

  84                           Society and Mental Health

121                           Social Problems Theory

  80                           Sociology and Social Welfare

  55                           Youth, Aging, and the Life Course

101                           Educational Problems

  82                           Environment and Technology

  65                           Labor Studies

146                           Sexual Behavior, Politics, and Communities

142                           Health, Health Policy, and Health Services

114                           Law and Society

  92                          Teaching Social Problems

  67                          Institutional Ethnography

114                           Global

  56                           Disability

  39                           Sport, Leisure, and the Body

  40                           Gender

*This data was gathered on January 2, 2019.