The Society for the Study of Social Problems’ mission is scholarship in pursuit of a just society.  In this booklet, chairs and other members of the SSSP’s seventeen Divisions address four questions in relation to their division’s focus and the creation of a just world:

  1. What is your vision of a just world in relation to your division’s mission?
  2. What are one or two demonstration projects, nations or states that have most effectively addressed your division’s mission at any time in history and what are/were their important features?
  3. What are the key difficulties that you and others working toward your division’s mission face in your work toward a better world?
  4. What are five to ten key articles or books you would recommend to SSSP colleagues and their students who work outside of your Division’s area but want to learn more about it?

This booklet is intended for SSSP members, their colleagues and their students who want to learn more about one or more areas of study and activism that are the foci of the SSSP Divisions.  It is meant to provide those of us who are members of SSSP with a fuller understanding of the visions and work of our own and other divisions.  It is also intended to offer colleagues who have as yet to join SSSP with a better idea of what we do within each of our divisions.

Click here for the entire PDF of Working Toward a Just World: Visions, Experiences, & Challenges - 1997 booklet. (PDF, 257 KB)