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Membership Opportunity 

The Law and Society Association

The Law and Society Association has made its 2020 memberships now available. Click here to join the Law and Society Association and get access to over 50 collaborative research networks, job postings, exclusive opportunities for professional development, and more! If you are already a member and would like to renew your membership, click here. 

Justice 21 Committee of the Society for the Study of Social Problems 

The Justice 21 Committee (J-21) of the Society for the Study of Social Problems (SSSP) is opening a call for one or more new members to begin service starting in August 2020. The primary activity of the J-21 Committee is the cultivation, editing, and production of the Agenda for Social Justice, a volume of public sociology published by Policy Press at the University of Bristol. The aim of the J-21 project is to publish short, jargon-free volumes in public sociology. While chapters in the volumes are grounded in rigorous social science, they are also presented in a way that is accessible to a generally educated public.  Since its inception, the Agenda for Social Justice has been available for open access download, and since 2016 hard copies of the volumes have been distributed to SSSP annual meeting attendees as part of the conference packets. Thus, the reach of the J-21 project is as broad as the Internet (via open access), but also as focused on getting the volumes into the hands of SSSP members, who comprise the core audience.

A US-focused Agenda for Social Justice has been published at four-year intervals since 2004  and is designed to appear in print prior to major US elections.  An international-focused Global Agenda for Social Justice has been published in 2018 and is scheduled to appear at four-year intervals. Thus, the J-21 Committee is responsible for producing a volume every other year, alternating between a US-focused volume and a global-focused volume. (That is, US volumes are scheduled for 2020, 2024, etc.; while global volumes are scheduled for 2022, 2026, etc.).

The member(s) to be recruited should have a strong sense of the J-21 mission: to produce a strong volume in public sociology. A new member needs to be committed to carrying out editorial work in all its variety, able to read texts creatively, and both capable and willing to communicate with authors so as to bring out the best potential in their work. Good teamwork skills and a compassionate attitude towards aspiring authors are a necessity. In addition, a new member should have a genuine and proven commitment to working in the field of social justice, with an interest and expertise in the wide range of themes that the study of social problems encompasses. We encourage applications from scholars from all career stages, and applications by members of all underrepresented groups are encouraged. A record of engagement with the SSSP is an asset. Good copy-editing skills will be a great benefit. 

To apply, please send a free-form application including a letter indicating interest containing a statement of vision for involvement, and a current CV, to (Chair of the J-21 Committee) by 15 January 2020 with the following subject line: “Application to Join Justice 21 Committee.”

More information as follows:

Open access copy of the most recent Agenda for Social Justice, the US-focus volume      

Open access copy of the most recent Global Agenda for Social Justice, the global-focus volume

Call for Nominations

Midwest Sociological Society is seeking nominations for the 2020 MSS Distinguished Book Award competition. 

The MSS Distinguished Book Award is presented to a book, published by a member of the Society in the previous three years, which makes an exemplary, original, and substantive contribution to sociological understanding. The award carries a cash prize of $250.

The Midwest Sociological Society sponsors the Distinguished Book Award in order to recognize the outstanding contributions to sociological research, theory, and policy analysis produced by its members in the form of books. The award helps to fulfill the scholarly Mission of the Society of “advancing sociological knowledge.” 

Book nominations are due October 31, 2019, including three (3) copies of the nominated book.

For more information about the award rules and details, click here.