SSSP Student Paper Competition & Outstanding Scholarship Awards

Each year the SSSP Divisions hold student paper competitions relating to each of their specific topic areas and interests. These awards recognize students for their outstanding scholarship in their respective fields.

The Divisions are pleased to announce the 2020 Student Paper Competitions and Outstanding Scholarship Awards.  In order to be considered for any of the Student Paper Competitions, applicants are required to submit their papers through the Annual Meeting Call for Papers,  This will ensure that winning papers are both designated and included in the program.  

Please note that students may only submit to one division and that each division has its own deadline and submission process.  Papers are not eligible for presentation or division competitions or awards/scholarships/fellowships if they have been published or accepted for publication before being submitted for consideration.  Papers are not eligible if they have been presented previously at SSSP or presented or accepted for presentation at other professional meetings, unless they have been revised substantially with new data, findings, or theoretical contributions.

See below to view previous award winners and paper abstracts.


2019 Award, Fellowship, & Scholarship Winners

2019 Winning Student Paper Abstracts


2018 Award, Fellowship, & Scholarship Winners

2018 Winning Student Paper Abstracts


2017 Award & Scholarship Winners

2017 Winning Student Paper Abstracts


2016 Award & Scholarship Winners

2016 Winning Student Paper Abstracts


2015 Award & Scholarship Winners

2015 Winning Student Paper Abstracts


2014 Award & Scholarship Winners

2014 Winning Student Paper Abstracts


2013 Award & Scholarship Winners

2013 Winning Student Paper Abstracts


2012 Award & Scholarship Winners

2012 Winning Student Paper Abstracts


2011 Award & Scholarship Winners

2011 Winning Student Paper Abstracts


2010 Award & Scholarship Winners