Why should I stay at the SSSP convention hotel during the Annual Meeting?

This is a frequently asked question by our members.  Please consider these reasons.

  • Staying at the convention hotel provides many advantages.  The awards ceremony takes place at the convention hotel, as do receptions and most special events.  You have the opportunity to renew acquaintances with other members and meet newcomers.  Informal gatherings are easy to arrange because the largest proportion of our members will stay at the convention hotel.

And by staying with us, you can help the organization financially!  Let us explain.

  • Booking your reservation outside of the SSSP room block via internet travel sites or by not mentioning to the reservationist that you are with SSSP has a long-term negative impact on the SSSP meeting.  The number of rooms that we can attribute as reserved by SSSP attendees help us to negotiate lower room rates with the hotels. With fewer rooms directly attributable to SSSP, convention rental rates will rise which may impact the rates SSSP can charge for meeting registration.  Additionally, hotels have started to place financial penalties on associations for each room not used by our attendees.  We appreciate you supporting SSSP by booking hotel rooms within our official block.
  • In order to secure a favorable sleeping room rate and to avoid paying high meeting room rental costs, SSSP must guarantee the hotel that our members will occupy a certain number of room nights.  To honor our contract, we must utilize 725 sleeping room nights over our meeting dates (SSSP reservation deadline: July 15, 2017). 
  • In the event that we do not meet our sleeping room guarantee, the hotel will charge the Society an additional fee for using the meeting space in which we hold our sessions.
  • The ‘room pick-up,’ actual rooms occupied by SSSP members during the days of our contract, has implications for the final hotel bill.  Terms of the contract grant the Society a number of complimentary rooms used to house officers and other volunteers who give their time to the organization.  In the event that our ‘room pick-up’ is low, we must pay for these rooms.
  • Hotels review our ‘room pick-up’ history when we request a bid for a future annual meeting.  A favorable record (meeting or exceeding our room block) assures the hotel of a certain level of income.  Hotels make their money by having as close to full occupancy as possible.  Saving rooms for convention goers who do not occupy them means that they may have an empty room that could have been sold to someone not attending the convention.
  • Members attending the convention should reserve a room for the nights they will attend and honor their reservation.  This action helps save the Society money and improves the experience.

Confirmed Room Rates:

Single/Double Occupancy: $189 CAD + tax per room/per night

Triple Occupancy: $209 CAD + tax per room/per night

Quad Occupancy: $229 CAD + tax per room/per night

Room rates are exclusive of a 5% Goods & Services Tax, 9.975% Provincial Tax, and 3.5% Occupancy Tax per night.  All taxes and fees are subject to change.

The cut-off date for the SSSP’s group rate is July 15, 2017.  Reservation must be confirmed by this date to guarantee the group room rate.  Reservations made after July 15th or after the room block is filled are subject to availability and rate increase.  For information on our hotel reservations visit: http://www.sssp1.org/index.cfm/m/695/Hotel_Reservation_Information/. 

So  . . .  please stay with us.  We and the Society would appreciate it immensely and we think you will be glad you did!

Héctor L. Delgado, Executive Officer

Michele Koontz, Administrative Officer & Meeting Manager