“Tested” (by Curtis Chin)

Plan to attend the Free Film Screening of “Tested” with Curtis Chin on Saturday, August 12 from 2:30pm-4:10pm (Room: Verdun, Banquets Level).

“Tested” looks at the important issue of racial diversity and public schools by following children from a dozen families in New York City from different racial, socio-economic and religious backgrounds as they prepare to pass the grueling standardized test to get into one of the city's best high schools. The film premiered at the DOC NYC film festival in NYC where The Village Voice named it one of the best films in the festival. The film has since screened with Lincoln Center, the White House, the American Educational Research Association, the National Conference on Race and Ethnicity, the Southern Sociological Society, SXSWEdu and more. In total, we've had 125 screenings in 10 countries. The gap in opportunities for different races in America remains extreme. Nowhere is this more evident than our nation’s top public schools. In New York City, where blacks and Hispanics make up 70% of the city’s school-aged population, they represent less than 5% at the city’s most elite public high schools. Meanwhile, Asian Americans make up as much as 73%. This documentary follows a dozen racially and socioeconomically diverse 8th graders as they fight for a seat at one of these schools. Their only way in: to ace a single standardized test. “Tested” includes the voices of such education experts as Pedro Noguera and Diane Ravitch as it explores such issues as access to a high-quality public education, affirmative action, and the model-minority myth. To view the trailer, please go to: