Congratulations to the 2018 General Election Winners! 

President-Elect (2018-2019); President (2019-2020) Heather Dalmage
Vice-President Elect (2018-2019); Vice-President (2019-2020) Daina Cheyenne Harvey
Secretary (2018-2019) Glenn W. Muschert
Treasurer (2018-2019) Susan M. Carlson
Board of Directors (2018-2021) Yvonne A. Braun, Matthew W. Hughey, and Deborah A. Potter
Board of Directors: Student Representative (2018-2020) Apoorva Ghosh
Budget, Finance, and Audit Committee (2018-2021) Louis Edgar Esparza
Committee on Committees (2018-2021) Trinidad de jesus Arguello and Kasey Henricks
Editorial and Publications Committee (2018-2021) Rogelio Saenz and A. Javier Treviño
Membership and Outreach Committee (2018-2021) Barbara Wejnert and Cameron T. Whitley

Membership and Outreach Committee: Student Representative (2018-2021)

Nathalie P. Rita

 By-Laws Amendments Results 

By-Laws Amendment: Article I, Section 2. Earnings, Activities and Dissolution Provisions Approved
By-Laws Amendment: Article VI, Section 7. Editorial and Publications Committee Approved
By-Laws Amendment: Article VI, Section 11. Nominations Committee Approved
By-Laws Amendment:Article VI, Section 29. Transnational Initiatives Committee Approved