The Pushouts: A Film on the Crisis in Education for Marginalized Students of Color

Plan to attend the free film screening of The Pushouts: A Film on the Crisis in Education for Marginalized Students of Color with presider Anthony A. Peguero on Friday, August 10 from 4:30pm-6:10pm (Room: Philadelphia Ballroom South). Length: 56 minutes.

The Pushouts interrogates crucial questions of race, class and power in the education system. It is a one-hour-long film about the work Sociologist Victor Rios conducted with a group of youths from Watts (Los Angeles). These young people had all been kicked out of school; his research team was trying to figure out a way to help them get back into school while pushing the school system to change the way they were disciplining kids. The film attempts to create a conversation about racial inequality in education by exposing the day-to-day experiences of marginalized young people. Racial inequality in education and reform in education cannot be understood without understanding how the punitive school policies impact the day-to-day lives of young people and how these young people’s voices provide key insight on how we might change this system.

Synopsis: “I was in prison before I was even born.” So begins the story of Victor Rios - a high school dropout, gang member, and three time felon by 15. But when a teacher’s quiet persistence, a mentor’s moral conviction, and his best friend’s murder converge, Rios’ path takes an unlikely turn. Two decades later Rios - now a 36 year-old tenured UC professor, author and national thought leader on the school-to-prison pipeline - gets a call. “Hey Hotshot.” It’s Martín Flores, Rios’ high school mentor, who he hasn’t heard from in 15 years. “I know you’re busy, but I need you to come down to Watts this summer and work with my kids.” Its a make it or break it moment for these youth, Flores - who directs a program serving 16 to 24 olds who haven’t finished high school - warns. “We get them on the right path now, or we lose them to the system.”

Woven with archival material stretching back 25 years to Rios’ own troubled adolescence and including the contemporary story of this fateful summer in Watts, The Pushouts examines crucial questions of race, class, power, and the American dream at a particularly urgent time. 

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Voices of Baltimore: Life Under Segregation

Plan to attend the free film screening and panel of Voices of Baltimore: Life Under Segregation with presider Omari Jackson on Saturday, August 11, from 2:30pm-4:10pm (Room: Philadelphia Ballroom South). Length: 60 minutes.

This one-hour-long film chronicles the lived experiences of African Americans who thrived academically, in spite of Jim Crow. Accordingly, it documents the lives of individuals who attended segregated schools and experienced the desegregation of schools as a result of the historic 1954 Brown v. Board of Education ruling. Following the film, there will be a panel discussion with the film participants. 


Wali Gill, Film Participant

Frances Gill, Film Participant

Louis S. Diggs, Film Participant

Treopia Green Washington, Film Participant

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