SSSP is pleased to offer two walking tours at this year's annual meeting.

African Burial Ground National Monument Walking Tour accessibility symbol  (SOLD OUT)

Photo Credit: National Park Service 2015

Saturday, August 10
Ticket Fee: $20 (includes a MetroCard and donation to the National Park Service)
Limit: 20 people

In 1991, construction work for a federal office building on 290 Broadway uncovered a massive 6-acre burial ground with over 15,000 remains of enslaved and free Africans.  Dating back to a time between mid-1630s and 1795, the Burial Ground is the nation’s earliest and largest African burial site.  The tour will illuminate the lives of enslaved and free African laborers who built the fort, mills, farms, and the town of New Amsterdam during the earliest colonial history of New York.  The outside monument combines the history and symbolism of the African diaspora to commemorate the sacred ground of ancestral internment.  The tour group will meet in the hotel lobby (near the floral arrangement) and promptly depart at 10:00am and walk to the bus stop on 42nd street to take the bus downtown to the monument.

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Grand Central Terminal: Transportation, Architecture, and Preservation Walking Tour accessibility symbol 

Photo Credit: Public Photo Domain

Sunday, August 11

Ticket fee: $20
Limit: 25 people

Grand Central Terminal is one of New York City’s most treasured architectural wonders and a symbol of the City’s transportation history and urbanization.  Its vast underground structures hide far greater areas than are revealed on the street level.  This tour will showcase the marvelous architecture and tell the stories of the railroad systems, the innovative engineering that accommodated the expansion of the City, and the preservation movement that saved the landmark in the 1970s.  The tour group will meet in the hotel lobby (near the floral arrangement) and promptly depart at 10:00am.

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