SSSP is pleased to offer two walking tours.accessibility symbol

SOMA Pilipinas EthnoTour

Photo: California Arts Council 2017


Saturday, August 8
10:45am-1:45pm (estimate 30 minute commute to Filipino Cultural Heritage District back to downtown)
Ticket fee: $20
Limit: 30 people

The SOMA Pilipinas EthnoTour is an interactive 2-hour walking tour with 6 landmarks in SOMA Pilipinas, San Francisco’s Filipino Cultural Heritage District. It includes historical events, struggles and legacies through the anthropological and historical lenses of the Filipino community in South of Market. Not only does it depict the history of SOMA Pilipinas, but also ongoing matters such as gentrification and displacement and the living history of our neighborhood. The tour group will meet in the hotel lobby and promptly depart at 10:45am.




Calle 24 Latino Cultural District Tour

“Culture Contains the Seed of Resistance the Seed of Resistance that Blossoms into the
Flowers of Liberation” Mural © 1984 Miranda Bergman and O’Brien Thiele; “56. Lu/The
Wanderer” Mural © 2011 Carla Wojczuk

Saturday, August 8
<span1:00pm-4:00pm (estimate 30-45 minute commute to the Mission back to downtown)
Ticket fee: $20
Limit: 25 people

The walking tour will cover the history of the Latino community, and the struggles that have been fought through the years to earn our place in the city, specifically and how the Calle 24 Latino Cultural District was developed to help preserve our cultural assets. We will discuss the social and political movements that have shaped our history. In addition, we will talk about current issues that our community is fighting as we continue to face deep displacement and gentrification through the city/region/and states unaffordability crisis. The tour will be led by Erick Arguello, Founder and President, and Jon Jacobo, Vice-President, for the Latino Cultural District. The tour group will meet in the hotel lobby and promptly depart at 1:00pm.