Optional One-Day Virtual Workshops

If you plan to attend a virtual workshop, purchase your ticket(s) while registering for the SSSP Virtual Annual Meeting. If you have already registered and would like to purchase a ticket(s), please contact the IT Specialist directly.

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Community-Based Participatory Action Research (limit 50)
Tuesday, August 3, 8:45am–4:30pm (Eastern Time)
Registration Fee: $75 for employed registrants or $25 for unemployed/activist/student registrants

The Community Research and Development Division is hosting an interactive virtual workshop for researchers who use or are interested in community-based participatory action research. CBPAR empowers communities to tackle social problems and find solutions that are tailored to their self-identified needs as co-equal partners in the research process. The workshop will (1) offer a foundational orientation to the purpose and process of CBPAR; and (2) provide a context within which CBPAR scholars, both new and old, can learn from each other and build a stronger network. This one-day workshop will be divided into two sections. In the morning, Section I will cover the following topics: (1) What is CBPAR and Why Do It?; (2) Capacity Building and Community Partnerships; and (3) CBPAR Methodology – Balancing Methodological Rigor with Community Need. In the afternoon, Section II will cover the following topics: (1) Data Dissemination: To Whom, How, and Where; (2) Publishing and Funding: Challenges and Opportunities; and (3) Maintaining Partnerships and Building Steam. We will also consider the shifts and adjustments that are required in the context of shocks and disruptions like the recent pandemic. The workshop will be collaboratively delivered by Drs. Charlotte Ryan, Felicia Sullivan, Jessica Lucero, and Sarah Stanlick. The workshop will be interactive in nature and provide opportunities for attendees to discuss their CBPAR research ideas and receive feedback. For researchers with prior training and/or experience, there will be a breakout session provided to discuss their work and concerns.

Advancing Activist Scholarship and Engaged Pedagogy in Promotion and Tenure (limit 50)
Tuesday, August 3, 1:00pm–4:00pm (Eastern Time)
Registration Fee: $10 for all registrants

Dr. Timothy Eatman (Rutgers University) will lead a Pre-Conference virtual workshop focused on developing strategies and policies to change departmental and campus-wide tenure and promotion guidelines. Building off his co-authored report for Imagining America entitled “Scholarship in Public: Knowledge Creation and Tenure Policy in the Engaged University” Dr. Eatman seeks to expand promotion and tenure guidelines so public scholarship and civic engagement practice receive appropriate institutional recognition. He will provide research and case studies to help faculty and administrators begin the hard work of institutional transformation. As SSSP recommits itself to radical engagements and social justice, developing the mechanisms for encouraging and supporting such scholar activism will be vital for our cause.

Institutional Ethnography (limit 60)
Sunday, August 8, 9:00am–3:00pm (Eastern Time)
Registration Fee: $50 for employed registrants or $20 for unemployed/activist/student registrants

The Institutional Ethnography Division is hosting an interactive virtual workshop for researchers who use or are interested in Institutional Ethnography (IE) – the method of inquiry developed by Dorothy E. Smith. The workshop theme, "Challenges & Solutions When Applying IE," tackles practical questions, including but not limited to, addressing how to: a) deal with difficult committee members, b) apply IE in non-academic settings, c) analyze one's data, and e) map ruling relations. The workshop features a keynote presentation as well as opportunities for large and small-group discussions and learning. Participants would either: (1) submit work/ideas that they would like feedback on according to any aspect of IE, (2) offer to serve as "seasoned" institutional ethnographers who would lead the discussions, or (3) observe discussions about IE work and ask questions. The workshop will provide people with opportunities to engage directly with institutional ethnographies in the proposal, analysis, and final writing stages. People who are interested in sharing and receiving feedback on a research proposal, article manuscript, conference paper, or another piece of writing during the small-group discussions should submit these documents to LaNysha Adams by June 27.

Social Impact  Social Change: Storytelling (limit 50)
Sunday, August 8, 1:00pm–4:00pm (Eastern Time)
Registration Fee: $10 for all registrants

In this half-day virtual workshop, participants will have an opportunity to explore storytelling strategies and develop skills to better communicate their personal and scholarship stories to audiences.

The workshop elements include:

  • Listen – Experience Stories
  • Learn – Introduction to Storytelling – Formats and Genres
  • Reflect – Building the Content – Finding the Story
  • Build – Translating – Personal experiences and research findings to stories

Share – Workshopping – Start telling your story…