Congratulations to the 2022 General Election Winners! 

President-Elect (2022-2023); President (2023-2024) Mary Bernstein
Vice-President-Elect (2022-2023); Vice-President (2023-2024) Anthony A. Peguero
Secretary (2022-2023) Glenn W. Muschert
Treasurer (2022-2023) Heather E. Dillaway
Board of Directors (2022-2025) Barbara Katz Rothman and Cameron T. Whitley
Board of Directors: Student Representative (2022-2024) Shiv Issar
Anti-Harassment Committee (2022-2025) Kathryn Nowotny
Budget, Finance, and Audit Committee (2022-2025) Sarah E. Castillo
Committee on Committees (2022-2025) Shantel Gabrieal Buggs and Valerie Leiter
Editorial and Publications Committee (2022-2025) Alexis A. Bender and Luis Fernandez
Membership and Outreach Committee (2022-2025) Christina Barmon and Jacqueline M. Zalewski
Membership and Outreach Committee:
Representative (2022-2025)
Kenya L. Goods

By-Laws Amendments Results

Article IV. Section 2 Approved
Article V. Section 1 Approved
Article V. Section 6 Approved
Article VI. Section 4 Approved
Article VI. Section 7 Approved
Article VI. Section 32 Approved
Article VI. Section 18 Approved