Compiled by Dr. Sarah Jane Brubaker, SSSP Vice-President on 6/15/2022

All proposed resolutions will be discussed during the Society’s Business Meeting on Friday, August 5 from 10:30am-11:45am (Pacific Time). Thirty minutes will be allocated to a discussion in favor of or in opposition to all proposed resolutions. At this juncture, resolutions cannot be modified. The purpose of the discussion will be to seek clarification or to try to convince others to vote for or against the resolution. The discussion will be moderated by the Vice-President, with the assistance of the Executive Officer. Every effort will be made to allow time for the discussion of each resolution being considered, with equal time to those in support of and those in opposition to each resolution.

Immediately after the Society’s Annual Business Meeting, current members will vote online for or against each resolution, or abstain. The voting period will be two weeks. A resolution will pass if two-thirds of the members voting online by the deadline vote in favor of the resolution. Abstentions will be counted as no votes. The final results of the vote shall be reported to the Committee on Social Action and the Board of Directors, and published as early as possible on the Society’s website.

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  1. Expression of Gratitude
    Submitted by: SSSP Administrative Office

RESOLUTION 1:  Expression of Gratitude

Submitted by: SSSP Administrative Office

Our sincere appreciation is expressed to all of the officers, committee chairs, staff, and members who have made this program possible, and whose efforts maintain the vitality of the Society for the Study of Social Problems (SSSP). First, we thank President Noreen M. Sugrue for her exceptional leadership in developing the 72nd Annual Meeting and its theme: The Sociological Reimagination: From Moments to Momentum.

We also thank this year’s Program Committee Chair – Jackie Krasas – and her committee member, Heather M. Dalmage, for putting together such an excellent program; and Local Arrangements Committee Chair, Carlos Royal, and his committee, Levi Didley, Yael Findler, Luis F. Nuño, and Benjamin R. Weiss. We thank the staff of the Omni Los Angeles Hotel at California Plaza for our fine accommodations, and we particularly want to recognize the efforts made by Elaine Morales, Convention Services Manager and Mark J. Schwabenbauer, Associate Director of Sales.

The Society wishes to express its gratitude to Past President Corey Dolgon for his years of leadership; Vice-President Sarah Jane Brubaker for managing the resolutions process; Glenn W. Muschert for his service as Secretary; and Susan M. Carlson (outgoing) for her service as Treasurer.

Without efforts by the Board of Directors, and prudent oversight by our Treasurer Susan M. Carlson and the Budget, Finance, and Audit Committee, the Society would not be in such a favorable position, especially in light of the havoc that the pandemic has wreaked on so many organizations.

The Society also thanks Shirley A. Jackson, President-Elect; Stephani Williams, Vice-President-Elect; Board of Directors: Alexis A. Bender (outgoing), Kristen M. Budd, Ebonie L. Cunningham Stringer, Lauren E. Eastwood, David G. Embrick, Tracy L. Peressini, Bhoomi K. Thakore (outgoing), Student Representatives of the Board Shaonta’ Allen and Lydia Hou (outgoing), Giovanna Follo, Chairperson of the Council of the Divisions; Annulla Linders, Earl Wright II, and Derrick R. Brooms, Co-Editors of Social Problems; David J. Luke, Budget, Finance, and Audit Committee Chair (outgoing) and committee members Susan M. Carlson (outgoing), Nancy J. Mezey, and Becky Pettit; Louis Edgar Esparza, Editorial and Publications Committee Chair and committee members Yvonne A. Braun, Derrick R. Brooms, Paul Joosse (outgoing), Annulla Linders, David J. Luke (outgoing), Claire Renzetti, Sanjay Tewari (outgoing), Tracy L. Vargas, and Earl Wright II; and the University of Tennessee and the Department of Sociology for hosting the SSSP Administrative Office. A special thanks to our sponsors for their financial contributions to program activities: Bristol University Press | Home of Policy Press, the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, and the Oxford University Press.

The Society wishes to thank Administrative Officer & Meeting Manager Michele Smith Koontz, Assistant to the Administrative Officer Kelsey Whitaker, Information Technology Specialist Rachel Cogburn, Graduate Research Associate & Webmaster Zaina Shams (outgoing) and the leaders of the 23 Divisions for their work on behalf of the SSSP and its members.

Finally, the Society wishes to thank Executive Officer Héctor L. Delgado, who will be retiring at the conclusion of the meetings, for his faithful service, hard work and commitment, and numerous contributions to SSSP’s success for the past thirteen years. His stewardship of SSSP has been characterized by innovative ideas, strategic thinking, and most valuable, his tireless efforts to make this world a more just and humane one. Words can’t express our gratitude for the countless ways in which he has given of his time and energy. SSSP is forever indebted to him.

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