The 2021 C. Wright Mills Award Committee selected Dr. Joseph C. Ewoodzie, Jr.’s book, Getting Something to Eat in Jackson: Race, Class, and Food in the American South, Princeton University Press, as this year's winner.

Dr. Tsedale Melaku, Chair of the 2021 C. Wright Mills Award Committee said of Dr. Ewoodzie's work:

Dr. Ewoodzie’s rich ethnographic work astutely and poignantly addresses the intersection of race, class, and food in the American South. This book interrogates Black life across class groups providing readers with in-depth qualitative research that speaks to the nuance of difference. The timing of this book is key as the nation continues to engage in debates playing out on the frontlines of the South. Getting Something to Eat in Jackson brings critical attention to the importance of centering Sociology of the South to understand the racial, social, economic, and lived experiences of Black Southerners.



Congratulations, Dr. Ewoodzie, Jr.!

The award was presented at the 2022 Awards Ceremony on Saturday, August 6. Click here for a full listing of the 2021 finalists.

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