Reimagining Our Worlds from Below: Transnational Conversations on Resistance, Movements and Transformation

The Covid-19 pandemic has made more evident persistent, systemic inequalities that are rooted in and shaped by ideological, economic, political, social, and cultural structures. However, there are other transnational concerns that exacerbate these inequalities, including dwindling natural resources, expanding conflicts, increasing authoritarianism, and widening wealth gaps. Amid all these, a deeper awareness of the damage of colonial and imperialistic histories are emerging, making obvious that Western/Euro/American-centric solutions are no longer viable, and are, in fact, sources of social problems.

In response to the challenges these inequalities pose, the Society for the Study of Social Problems (SSSP) hosted a free virtual international conference in May 2022.  The virtual conference included ten panels with over 40 presenters from across the globe. The keynote roundtable, entitled Constructing Common Ground and Transformative Pathways Through Decolonial Methodologies and Pedagogies featured scholars discussing decolonizing academia through research and classroom practices. Access full recordings of all conferenec panels and sessions here:

Lessons Learned in Navigating the Applied Workplace! 

On December 6, 2022 SWS organized a panel and discussion, Lessons Learned in Navigating the Applied Workplace, in collaboration with SSSP, ASA, SPPS, and AACS.  

The webinar was part of a three part series to collectively promote and support the work of applied sociologists!