Congratulations to the 2024 General Election Winners! 

President-Elect (2024-2025); President (2025-2026) Sarah Jane Brubaker
Vice-President-Elect (2024-2025); Vice-President (2025-2026) Clare E.B. Cannon
Secretary (2024-2025) Glenn Muschert
Treasurer (2024-2025) Heather E. Dillaway
Board of Directors (2024-2027) Tamara G.J. Leech, Janelle M. Pham, and Claire Renzetti
Board of Directors: Student Representative (2024-2026) Rafia Javaid Mallick
Anti-Harassment Committee (2024-2027) Angie Beeman
Budget, Finance, and Audit Committee (2024-2027) Stephani Williams
Committee on Committees (2024-2027) David Brunsma and Emily Schneider
Editorial and Publications Committee (2024-2027) Kristen M. Budd and Jerry A. Jacobs
Membership and Outreach Committee (2024-2027) Felicia Arriaga and Michael O. Johnston
Membership and Outreach Committee: Student Representative (2024-2027) Abass Muhammed