• The Environment and Technology Division strives to encourage scholarship and discussion around social issues surrounding the environment and technology. Such scholarship endeavors to understand the environmental factors that shape and are shaped by macro-level phenomena such as globalization, neoliberalism, and advanced capitalism, and to reveal micro-level concerns about environmental justice and inequality. Specific attention is paid to the ways in which wealth and power differentials the world over are intimately linked to the environmental context in which communities and individuals are embedded. Our division focuses on the ways technology structures and informs such inequalities and contributes to the sociology of science.
  • As a division we strive to advance social justice by directing attention to environmental inequality through our research, teaching, and activism. We work towards achieving this goal with community activists, independent scholars, and nonprofits to mitigate problems and advance solutions.
  • SSSP members are drawn to this division in part because of its historical focus on issues relating to social justice. We actively encourage graduate students to join and to submit a paper for the annual Brent K. Marshall Graduate Student Paper Award. If you are interested in joining this exciting and diverse group of scholars, we look forward to meeting you.

Division mission statement reviewed in November 2023 by Lauren Eastwood, Centre for Global Cooperation Research, Global Governance of Climate Change and Sustainability, University of Duisburg-Essen, SUNY at Plattsburgh, Environment and Technology Division Chair, 2022-2024. No edits were made. Division mission statement reviewed in November 2022 by Lauren Eastwood, Centre for Global Cooperation Research, University of Duisburg-Essen, Environment and Technology Division Chair, 2022-2022. No edits were made. Division mission statement edited in September 2020 by Clare Cannon, University of California, Davis, Environment and Technology Division Chair, 2020-2022.