The mission of the Conflict, Social Action, and Change (CSAC) Division is to advance critical scholarship and understanding of the social, economic, political, ideological forces, and cultural characteristics of social conflicts and social inequalities. Such scholarshippromotesand incorporates activism and social change at all levels including, the public, privateand the personal.  

Research on prevailing injustices can and has led to social change. The tie that binds CSAC members is a shared commitment to using their researchand documented experiences in the largerstruggle for social justice. The CSAC Division embraces democratic and participatory research principles and practices. CSAC members are committed to the research of, by, and for thosemost affected by social inequalities in this fragile global world of ours.  

Comprised of activists and scholars from many disciplines, CSAC members study a range of topics: poverty; global inequality; work and inequality; environmental justice; immigration; race, gender, and sexuality based oppressions and inequalities; intersectional analyses; teaching for change; and more.

Division mission statement last edited in November 2018 by Amani M. Awwad, State University of New York Canton, Conflict, Social Action, and Change Division Chair, 2017-2019.