The mission of the Conflict, Social Action, and Change (CSAC) Division is to advance rigorous, critical scholarship and activist-informed understanding of the character and causes of oppression, conflict, social movements, and social change. The tie that binds CSAC members is a shared commitment to using research and experiences in the larger struggle for social justice. The CSAC Division embraces democratic and participatory research principles and practices. CSAC members are committed to the research of, by, and for those most affected by social inequalities in the global world.  We are also committed to supporting one another in our endeavors to create a more peaceable and equitable world for all.

Comprised of activists and scholars from many disciplines, CSAC members study a range of topics: poverty, criminal justice, social movements, violence and war, global inequality, labor, the environment, migration, human rights, race, gender, and sexuality-based oppression and inequality, the body, intersectionality, teaching for change, and beyond. Please reach out to the Chair if you are interested in our membership!

Division mission statement reviewed in November 2023 by C. Michael Awsumb, University of Tennessee, Martin, Conflict, Social Action, and Change Division Chair, 2023-2025. No edits were made. Division mission statement edited in November 2022 by Dana Moss, University of Notre Dame, Conflict, Social Action, and Change Division Chair, 2021-2023.