Welcome to the Division of Sexual Behavior, Politics, and Communities. As a vital part of the Society for the Study of Social Problems, we aim to center the experiences of sexuality within a framework committed to justice. We welcome students and professionals who teach, research, practice, and advocate around issues related to sex and sexuality to become more involved in our active organization.

As a diverse group of scholars, advocates, and practitioners, we envision sexuality as an important part of individual and structural relationships. We understand sexual identities, bodies, fantasies, and behaviors as meaningful to individuals and social life. We critically examine the sexual politics that shape people and the communities we inhabit. We emphasize sexuality as informed by other aspects of identity, including gender, race, class, ability, age, religion and so on.

Our division strives to connect people who prioritize sexuality in their work. We organize sessions related to sexuality at the annual meetings of SSSP to produce, share, and discuss knowledge within our field. We have a regular newsletter and a Facebook page that contain relevant information about sexuality issues in teaching, scholarship, and policymaking. Through our efforts, we aim to work toward a more sex-positive society.

Division mission statement was reviewed in December 2015 by Dawn M. Baunach, Georgia State University, Sexual Behavior, Politics, and Communities Division Chair, 2014-2016.  No edits were made. Division mission statement last edited in 2013 by Elroi J. Windsor, Salem College, Sexual Behavior, Politics, and Communities Division Chair, 2012-2014.