The Sexual Behaviors, Politics, and Communities Division brings together students, scholars, advocates, and activists who address issues of justice and sexuality in their work. We explore how social structures and institutions reproduce and instantiate inequality and oppression based on sexual acts, desires, and interactions; and we seek to understand how individuals and groups resist sexual norms and injustices through cultural, social, and political means. We inform our work and build alliances with scholars and activists working in other areas of justice—such as race, class, gender, age, and disability—in order to account for the broad array of people whose sexualities fall outside of sexual norms and to explore the ways that various forms of oppression overlap and reinforce each other.
Thus our division strives to connect people who prioritize sexuality in their work across a wide range of contexts, from labor to education, immigration to recreation, etc. We organize sessions at the annual meetings of SSSP to explore various theoretical, methodological, organizing approaches to justice-focused research, pedagogy, and political activism centered on sexuality in society. Through our efforts, we aim to work toward a more sex-positive society.

Division mission statement reviewed in November 2022 by Janelle M. Pham, Oglethorpe University, Sexual Behavior, Politics, and Communities Division Chair, 2022-2024. No edits were made. Division mission statement edited in November 2018 by J. Todd Ormsbee, San Jose State University, Sexual Behavior, Politics, and Communities Division Chair, 2018-2020.