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Social Problems Latest Virtual Issue: Modern Abolitionist Struggle

The latest virtual issue from Social Problems looks into how modern abolitionists approach social problems,  While examining the factors that perpetuate racial inequality, the articles are connected thematically through problems such as colorism, segregation, resource deprivation, at the same time discussing possible solutions to break these cycles. 

The included articles are freely accessible online until April 1, 2019 and are accompanied by an introduction from the virtual issue editor, Irina Chukhray, stating:

“The 21st century deals with numerous variations of modern slavery.  The call to end slavery should ideally be an outdated need.  The call to recognize the ways in which social structure divides and disadvantages communities by race should no longer be necessary.”

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Posted Tuesday, 10/30/2018, 10:30 AM - Category: Annual Meeting Member News