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Letter to the University of Massachusetts Regarding Labor Center

On behalf of SSSP’s Board of Directors and the Labor Studies Division, President Donileen R. Loseke and Executive Officer Héctor Delgado sent a letter to the Provost of the University of Massachusetts urging the university to restore funds to the Labor Center that have been cut in recent years, including funds for graduate students and part-time faculty. The letter emphasizes how students from working- and middle-class families will be denied the opportunity to do graduate work in labor studies at UMass if these funds are not restored, contrary to the university’s mission to provide access to all students, regardless of their financial means. Click here to read the full letter. For more information please visit SavetheLaborCenter or Facebook. Want to get more involved? Consider signing the petition available at To read the letter and learn how to get more involved please visit

Posted Wednesday, 09/14/2016, 10:00 AM - Comments - Category: Member News

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