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Webinar: A 12-Step Program for Decolonizing the University, A Conversation with Dr. Rodney Coates

Thursday, July 30, 2020 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM ET 

Long-standing calls to uproot structural racism across the world – including in academia – have gained impetus in the wake of George Floyd’s murder. But what does decolonizing the university mean? And how can professors, faculty, students, and academics work to create this change?

As Europe colonized much of the world, it installed its major institutions – politics, family structure, economic systems, religion, and education – across the United States and Americas, India, Africa, and the Caribbean primarily to guarantee European rule, hierarchies, and identities. As former colonies have struggled to remove the imperial color, their efforts have been stifled in many ways by the institutions that are central to their existence. Within the university, as with all other European imported institutions, white privilege, space, and identity have been not only preserved, but continually reified.

In this free, 1-hour webinar, Dr. Rodney Coates, a professor of Global and Intercultural Studies and coordinator for Black World Studies at Miami University, Ohio, will outline his 12 steps for accomplishing such decolonization. He’ll explain how and why decolonizing the university means recentering the various voices of peoples of color, taking them from the margins to the core of what the academy is about. Audience members will walk away with not only a better understanding of how academia marginalizes people of color, but also action steps for deliberate, strategic, and protracted change within the classroom and across campus.

Of the 1,000 slots originally allocated, less than half remain.  Hurry to claim yours.  Register now for this free webinar

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