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2019 Proposed Resolutions

Resolutions constitute an important opportunity for our scholar-activist membership to analyze and offer their opinions on contemporary social problems that we believe the Society should address as a social justice organization.  All SSSP members are invited to review the proposed 2019 resolutions and participate in the resolutions process.

New resolution guidelines were adopted in order to promote and facilitate wider discussion prior to formal consideration at the 2019 Business Meeting [Saturday, August 10 from 4:15pm–5:25pm, Grand Ballroom].  To that end, please review the four proposed resolutions.  An open forum to discuss the proposed resolutions will be held on Friday, August 9, 2:30pm–4:10pm, Plaza Suite.  Possible modifications to the resolutions will be considered during the open discussion.  The revised (if any) resolutions will then be presented as a package for approval by the membership at the business meeting.

Posted Thursday, 06/20/2019, 08:00 AM - Comments - Category: Annual Meeting Member News