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Board Resolution in Honor of Representative John R. Lewis

On behalf of the Board, we have sent letters (and a copy of the resolution) to the President of the United States and Congressional leaders, urging them to expand voter rights, to enact criminal justice system reforms, to assist states with federal funds to ensure fair and safe elections in November, to rename the Edmund Pettus Bridge the John R. Lewis Bridge, and to replace the statue of Alexander Hamilton Stephens in the Capitol with one of John R. Lewis. We have sent letters to John Lewis’s staff in Atlanta and Washington, D.C. expressing our condolences (and asking them to convey our condolences to his family) and to the Governor of Alabama and legislative leaders in the state urging them to rename the Pettus bridge the John R. Lewis Bridge.

To read a copy of the Board Resolution in honor of Representative John R. Lewis click here.
To read the letter to President of the United States and Congressional Leaders click here.
To read the letter to the  Governor of Alabama and Alabama Legislature click here.
To read the condolences letter to John R. Lewis’s staff click here.

Posted Thursday, 07/30/2020, 11:26 AM - Comments - Category: Member News