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SSSP: Takes Action! Laurentian University Letter (5-24-21)

The Society for the Study of Social Problems [SSSP] is an international professional organization of social scientists who believe our teaching, research, and publication should aid society in the pursuit of a better, more humane world. We are particularly keen to track and act on changes within our own institutions of higher education and do what we can to resist the degradation of our craft and our profession. We have followed the tragedy occurring at Laurentian University and feel the necessity not only to express our outrage at the undemocratic processes used to decimate the institution’s mission but also to bear witness at the resulting human misery it has caused for faculty, staff and students.

We ask that all public officials take immediate steps to reduce the suffering and insecurity caused by these actions while also adopting longer range plans to restore Canada’s commitment to public education, democracy, and a society based on human rights, dignity, and well-being. Click here to view the letter.

Posted Thursday, 06/03/2021, 11:07 AM - Comments - Category: Member News