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Announcing the Next Editors for Social Problems

The SSSP Board of Directors is pleased to announce that they have approved Drs. Andrew Fullerton, Michael Long, Rachel Schmitz, and Kelley Sittner to serve as the next editors of Social Problems. Beginning on June 1, 2024, the editorial office of Social Problems will move to Oklahoma State University. At that time, all new and revised submissions will be the responsibility of the new editorial team. Submissions will continue to route through ScholarOne Manuscripts

Please join us in welcoming the new editorial team and in thanking Drs. Annulla Linders, Earl Wright II, and Derrick Brooms for their strong leadership and dedication as outgoing Editors of Social Problems

Announcing the Next Editors of Social Problems

Posted Thursday, 09/14/2023, 11:57 AM - Comments - Category: Member News