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SAR’s 2023 Free to Think Report

Scholars at Risk shared the Free to Think 2023, which analyzed 409 attacks on the higher education community in 66 countries and territories. The report details concerning developments, such as an influx of newly proposed legislation aimed at restricting the teaching of disfavored topics in the United States; Iranian authorities’ violent suppression of student and scholar participation in the “Women, Life, Freedom” protest movement; and crackdowns on dissent reinforcing cultures of fear and self-censorship in Russia, China, and Turkey. The attacks illustrate a global phenomenon that not only harms individuals, but also shrinks the space for discourse and sharing ideas. 

In Free to Think 2023, SAR calls for global action in defense of academic freedom and urges states, higher education communities, civil society, and the public to respond. Read the report.

Posted Monday, 11/20/2023, 08:36 AM - Comments - Category: Member News