Agenda For Social Justice

Dear Readers:

The Society for the Study of Social Problems is pleased to offer you Agenda for Social Justice, Solutions 2008. It represents an effort by our professional association to nourish a more "public sociology" that will be easily accessible and useful to policy makers. It is also a way to give something back to the people and institutions that support our scholarly endeavors. We hope that you find it helpful in your challenging work of crafting successful solutions to contemporary social problems.

Nancy A. Naples, University of Connecticut
SSSP President, 2007-08

Agenda for Social Justice
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2008 Committee Members  Robert Perrucci, Chair
  Purdue University

  Kathleen Ferraro
  Northern Arizona University

  JoAnn L. Miller
  Purdue University

  Glenn Muschert
  Miami University

Table of Contents

Agenda for Social Justice: Solutions 2008- All Chapters PDF(size 402 KB)

Editors: Robert Perrucci, Chair; Kathleen Ferraro; JoAnn L. Miller; Glenn Muschert 

This report is designed to inform policy makers and the public-at-large about some of the nation's most pressing social problems and to propose policy responses to those problems.

Part I: Global Issues

Chapter 1. Victimization and Vulnerabilities of Immigrant Children: The Importance of English Language Proficiency
     by Anthony A. Peguero, Miami University

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Chapter 2. Labor Rights and Social Justice for Migrant Workers
     by Mark Thomas, York University

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Chapter 3. The New Left in Latin America and the Opportunity for a New US Foreign Policy
     by Jon Shefner, University of Tennessee

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Chapter 4. "Natural" Disasters Are Social Problems: Learning from Katrina
     by A. Kathryn Stout, Southern University at New Orleans
     Richard A. Dello Buono, Autonomous University of Zacatecas

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Part II: Americans at Risk

Chapter 5. Bullying in Our Nation's Schools: Where Do We Go from Here?
     by Daniel G. Renfrow, Pacific Lutheran University

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Chapter 6. The College Connection: Educational Solutions for Low-Income Parents
     by A. Fiona Pearson, Central Connecticut State University

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Chapter 7. Gender Responsive Programming for Female Offenders
     by Alana Van Gundy-Yoder, Miami University

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Part III: Health & Welfare

Chapter 8. AIDS in the United States: A Secret Epidemic
     by Renee White, Fairfield University
         Aimee Van Wagenen, Connecticut State University

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Chapter 9. Abstinence Only Education: A Barrier to Healthy Sexual Development
     by Sandra E. Schroer, Muskingum College
         Dana Atwood-Harvey, University of Wisconsin Colleges-Sheboygan

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Chapter 10. Welfare Reform and Adoption Policy: Unfinished Business
     by Irma J. Gibson, Savannah State University

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Chapter 11. Silence and Stigma: The Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) Epidemic
     by Alicia E. Suarez, Pacific Lutheran University
         Ann A. Shindo, Oregon Department of Human Services

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