Deadline: 1/15/22

The Sociology and Social Welfare Division (SSWD) announces its 2022 Graduate Student Paper Competition for papers that advance our understanding of issues related to sociology and social welfare. While papers may explore and analyze any social welfare policy or institution along any dimension of interest, please note, our division’s mission is to develop and promote an understanding of and knowledge about the social institutions, structures and processes that create and perpetuate inequality, exclusion and oppression. Qualitative and quantitative empirical analyses and theoretical papers are welcome.

To be eligible for submission, papers must be:

1)     written between January 1, 2021 and January 15, 2022 and not yet published or submitted for scholarly review;
2)     authored by one or more graduate students and not co-authored by any faculty or non-student colleagues;
3)     25 pages or less, including references and tables; and received by the deadline of January 15, 2022.

In addition to submitting the above materials, to be considered for the award, students are required to submit their papers to the 2022 SSSP conference, preferably to a Sociology and Social Welfare Division sponsored through the annual meeting Call for Papers by the deadline. The author must make a commitment to present the paper during SSSP Annual Meeting in August 2022. Submission of the same paper to other SSSP award competitions will disqualify the submission.

Send a copy of your paper as an e-mail attachment to: Dr. Caitlin Carey (, Division Chair, Sociology and Social Welfare Division, University of California, San Francisco. The 2022 SSWD competition winner will receive a cash prize of $150 from the Division, one honorary plaque, payment of one-year SSSP membership dues, and 2022 conference registration.