The C. Wright Mills Award was presented on Saturday, August 16, 2014 at the SSSP Awards Ceremony.

The 2013 C. Wright Mills winner is:


Nancy DiTomaso

The American Non-Dilemma: Racial Inequality Without Racism

Russell Sage Foundation


Congratulations, Nancy!


Congratulations, also, to all of the 2013 C. Wright Mills Award Finalists

Vincanne Adams, Markets of Sorrow, Labors of Faith: New Orleans in the Wake of Katrina, Duke University Press

Randol Contreras, The Stickup Kids: Race, Drugs, Violence, and the American Dream, University of California Press

Marcus Anthony Hunter, Black Citymakers: How The Philadelphia Negro Changed Urban America, Oxford University Press

Jill A. McCorkel, Breaking Women: Gender, Race, and the New Politics of Imprisonment, NYU Press



A. Antonio González-Prendes, Chair, Wayne State University

Shirley A. Jackson, Chair-Elect, Southern Connecticut State University

Kathleen A. Asbury, Community College of Philadelphia and Cheyney University of Pennsylvania

Rose M. Brewer, University of Minnesota

C. André Christie-Mizell, Vanderbilt University

David G. Embrick, Loyola University Chicago

Mary Patrice Erdmans, Case Western Reserve University

Frances G. Pestello, Le Moyne College