Accessibility and Social Justice

Special services arranged in advance can be verified with Michele Koontz, Administrative Officer & Meeting Manager, upon arrival to ensure that you receive the assistance you require.  Please see Michele if you encounter any problems or need further assistance.

The SSSP has established an Accessibility Services Fund in order for members to be able to contribute directly to making the Annual Meeting accessibility services more affordable for attendees with disabilities.  Based on the generosity of those who donated when they registered, we received $440 in donations.

Air Quality – Smoking – Service Animals

Please refrain from wearing any scented products to respect attendees who may be sensitive and/or allergic to these types of chemicals.  Smoking is not allowed in the meeting space or restaurants.  Unless you yourself use a service or therapy dog or other credentialed assistance animal, we ask that you not bring companion animals to the book exhibit or areas where members are presenting.

Comfort Zone

The Comfort Zone provides a quiet environment for you to relax, reflect, and re-energize.  This space is available to ALL conference attendees, no matter where you are staying.  Please feel free to bring your morning coffee or afternoon snack and relax, unwind, or get organized for the rest of your day.  The Comfort Zone is located in the Franklin Room on the Mezzanine Level and available during the following hours:

Friday: 8:00am-6:00pm
Saturday: 8:00am-6:00pm
All-Gender Restroom

An all-gender restroom is located near Salon 10 on the Mezzanine Level.  This facility is available because it’s important that all members feel safe and included.

For many transgender people and people who don’t conform to societal gender norms, using a public restroom is a daily struggle.  Trans and gender expansive people are often harassed, physically assaulted, or questioned by authorities in both men’s and women’s restrooms if they are assumed to be in the wrong restroom.

An all-gender restroom provides access to a safe restroom and changing area for people of any gender identity and presentation.  They also provide a safe space for those who need the assistance of a personal care attendant or those with small children.

Lactation Room 

A lactation room is located in Parlor D on the second floor.


SSSP strives to make its annual meeting as accessible as possible.  Each presentation or session should be designed and conducted with the full participation of all in mind.  Therefore, the Accessibility Committee requests that all presenters review the guidelines for accessible presentations and take the necessary steps to maximize programming access to all participants.

Accessibility Information

Many Philadelphia attractions, museums, restaurants, and hotels are accessible to people with disabilities.  See for several helpful links.

If a need arises on-site, we encourage you to stop by the SSSP registration desk for assistance.  SSSP is committed to making the annual meeting accessible to all.  For more information on Accessibility Guidelines for program participants, presenters, and session organizers, scan the QR code with your device’s QR Code Reader/Scanner.